Stretch marks are scars that start to appear on your skin when you undergo weight gain or loss at an accelerated rate.

This abrupt change causes collagen and elastin support in our skin to rupture, resulting in unsightly discoloured “wriggly” lines as your skin starts to heal.

There are a host of factors that can result in stretch marks, many of which are actually beyond our control or even a result of self-enriching activities like going to the gym.

Rapid muscle growth from weight training, puberty growth spurts, pregnancy, and of course metabolism-related weight gain or loss are some of the key enabling factors of stretch marks.


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Common Mis-Fixes


Stretch marks, at the peak of their visibility, can be extremely prominent on fairer skin, because its colour can range from dark purple, red, or even dark brown.

Because of how it stands out, some sufferers of stretch marks have taken to tanning to actually darken their skin in the hope of getting the stretch marks to blend in with their tan.


The UV rays from the sun are known to be extremely harmful to skin and exposing a prevailing skin condition to an element that can actually cause skin cancer is counter-productive, to say the least.

Stretch marks actually will become more noticeable with overexposure from the sun.

Other home-based remedies you might have read of like applying almond oil, cocoa butter, Vitamin E, or olive oil have been proven to be ineffectual by researchers who have put these products to the test.


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What Actually Works


Extensive studies carried out by doctors have singled out two ingredients that actually do contribute to the diminishment of stretch marks: Hyaluronic acid and Tretinoin.

Hyaluronic acid is the component that contributes to the production of collagen and elastin, while Tretinoin is a retinoid, something that aids in the rejuvenation of the skin.

These two ingredients have been gamely utilized by aesthetic specialists and dermatologists alike, in procedures that aim to completely eviscerate any form of stretch marks on the skin.

Here are 5 choice solutions that have proven to work to great effect:

Fraxel Laser Technology

One of the new-age laser treatments introduced to the market, Fraxel Lasers continues to fly the flag for laser treatments high in the aesthetic circles. This microlaser peel is designed to erase stubborn pigmentation, and with stretch marks being a form of pigmentation, this laser is leaving no prisoners.


Keeping in the vein of light-based therapy, the LED Red is another aesthetic breakthrough when it comes to skin renewal, skin healing, and pore reduction. A non-invasive and non-thermal form of light treatment, special lights passing through diodes stimulates collagen reproduction while diminishing the appearance of stressed and ruptured collagen – stretch marks.

Gold Retinol Oil

Arguably the closest you can get to an effective “home remedy”, this anti-aging oil formulated from organic ingredients, repairs the skin from wrinkles, pigmentation, and sun damage, all while giving your skin more density and the radiance it deserves.

SmartX Laser

Lasers continue to provide the bulk of the answer in the battle against the stretch marks. This micro-resurfacing laser does more than smoothen your skin; the various wavelengths this laser boasts various purposes, from the removal of stubborn pigmentation, to reducing pores and acne scars.

VBeam Perfecta

The name itself is already a dead giveaway – this is for all the perfectionists. This FDA-approved, pregnancy-friendly procedure is the gold standard for the eradication of skin rashes, stretch marks, acne and post-acne-scars, and other forms of pigmentation. Point to note about this treatment though: it is suited for lighter or untanned skin types. Not like it’s going to be an issue – there are 4 other very delectable options for you to choose from.


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