Being happy is the general rule of thumb when it comes to living a good life, right?

Of all of the quotes about not worrying and being happy and smiling thru adversity, happiness appears to be the nirvana everyone aspires to attain.

Let me just shake things up a little and tell you it’s great to be happy of course – if you don’t mind aging faster that is.


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Wait, What?

Being happy is centered around the act of smiling, and that is exactly what makes you age faster.

Smiling is actually an exercise, in a sense that it requires the use of muscles – this group of muscles known as platysma muscles in particular.

Platysma muscles are a group of muscles that can be located on the side of your neck, and also one of the most overworked muscles of the body. These muscles are utilized pretty much every time your face moves – and the face moves all the time.

Think chewing, yawning, frowning, squinting, and of course laughing and smiling.


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What’s Age Got to Do With It?

Oh, age has EVERYTHING to do with it.

When your platysma muscles are strained, the pull is not only prominent on the neck, but it is also stretching one of the thinnest layers of skin on the body.

Much like a rubber band, when the skin is constantly subjected to duress, it gets loose really quickly, eventually resulting in an unsightly sag that makes you look older than you actually are.

The term for this condition is unflatteringly known as turkey neck. Yikes.

Unfortunately, the accelerated aging does not end at the neck. With the neck being directly connected to your jaw, all the exertions of the neck take their toll on your jaw as well, pulling it downwards and causing the dreaded facial sag.



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So, What Now?

If you’re not smiling right now because of what you’ve just read, relax. It is still possible for laughter to be the best medicine without having to compromise your youth.

There are serums in the market like SW1’s Gold Oil Retinol that is specifically for the loss of skin laxity of the neck that you can easily apply to stem the damage.

The introduction of retinol to the skin not only stimulates the growth of collagen, it also rehydrates the skin to keep it plumper and diminishes the appearance of lines.

For the more severe cases, there are non-invasive and surprisingly fastidious ways to combat the sag or turkey neck, in the form of procedures like the Nefertiti Lift and Youth Preserve.

Coming in the form of virtually painless muscle-relaxing injections at specific aging ‘hot zones’ of your neck and jaw, these procedures easily kill two birds with one very effective stone. Or is it four birds with two stones?

Either way, you get my drift. So, go ahead and laugh it up – it’s not gonna cost you your youth. Not anymore!


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