Being a self-professed social media and beauty fiend, I spend my first and last waking hours scouring through my Facebook and Instagram feeds, keeping myself dialed into the latest and greatest offerings in beauty.

Apart from just being a plain busybody and snooping in on where everyone is and what they’re up to, of course.

One of the recurring trends that’s piqued my curiosity in recent times is the startling number of girls in their 20s’ getting botox. Unless all of them are simultaneously suffering from some form of accelerated aging, what imaginary wrinkles are they removing, exactly?


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Preventative Botox?

Preventative Botox: Here's everything you need to know | Metro News

A little more of my ‘snooping around’ revealed that according to a report by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there had been a 15.3% increase in Botox procedures in the 19-34 age group alone, as compared to the previous year.

It appears that more people are quickly realizing that by starting non-invasive beauty treatments like Botox earlier can prevent signs of aging, rather than attempting to fix them after they have developed.

Since frown lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles can be worsened due to repeated facial expressions, Botox when injected early in adult life, helps to slow down the use of these muscles, preventing lines from developing.


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How Early is Too Early?


So, if the goal is prevention, what is an appropriate age to start treatment?

While there is no hard and fast rule to start using Botox, professionals are recommending the age band of the mid-twenties to the early 30s to commence these preventive measures.

This is the general point of time where wrinkles may continue to evade us, but blink-if-you-miss fine lines are already making guest appearances on our faces.

That said, the importance of finding a reputable and experienced doctor or surgeon to avoid paying for poor results cannot be further emphasized. The price point should not be the primary deciding factor in getting Botox.


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If You Just Can’t Do Needles…


From the amount of ‘live’ accounts of Botox injections by way of Instastories, the fact that Botox is not for the faint of heart is not lost on me. I’m sure I speak for many when I say that needles are not for everyone, even with the added incentive of pain-numbing agents.

Botox injections do look painful, even when they’re really not. That does not necessarily mean that those with a fear of needles are condemned to the tragic fate of living with fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet.

Clinical facials which employ medical-grade equipment that has proven results are a more than competent alternative to Botox.

The host of skin benefits ultrasound HIFU Sygmalift Technology (think no needles, natural yet immediate smoothening of fine lines, skin tightening and lifting) are very much on par with what Botox brings to the table.

Examples of popular procedures that employ said technology include the 24K Uplift Facial and Deep Red Facial, which also includes the famed skin rejuvenation LED Red Light photomodulation therapy to boost cell renewal and skin healing for a smooth and healthy complexion.

That’s about as preventative as you can get, if you ask me!


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