Fat and body-shaming, as prevalent as it can be in these times are one of the forms of evil that can ever exist today, amongst many (I’m looking at you, Covid).

While we should all be firm advocates of being embracing your form, no matter the shape or size, the irony of us being silently our body’s greatest critics is not lost on us. Well, at least we’re keeping that to ourselves and not hurting anyone.

One of the biggest bones we have to pick with ourselves regardless of our build will have to be how we can’t seem to get rid of the cellulite we have on our bodies. The worst thing? They pick the worst times to show up – prominently!

These are some examples of the scenarios where they’ve shown up in my case, and how I’ve since learned to get the better of them.


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When I’m About to Get Some…

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True story.

If your partner’s a visual person and a romp-in-the-dark is not an option, smooth on an oil (We love Gold Retinol oil meant for the neck but works wonders on the body too), prop your weary feet up on a few cushions for an hour and give your legs a massage.

Standing around all day promotes fluid retention and makes cellulite even more visible than its usual dastardly self.

Massage has been shown to reduce the appearance of dimples (albeit temporarily) and we noticed a slight difference immediately after a vigorous session. A good massage to try? One that incorporates lymphatic drainage: the French are ahead of the game with this technique.

Your cellulite might be back to haunt you tomorrow but by then, we are hoping that the throes of passion will blind your partner to your flaws.


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When I *Think* I’m Bikini-Ready…


…and your skin is on the fair side like mine, the quickest way to disguise the look of ripples is to apply self-tanner before bedtime.

The theory is pretty simple: the darker the skin, the less prominent the stretchmarks/hellulite. Slather some on, let it simmer overnight, own the beach the next day. Moderation is key please – you don’t want to hit Sentosa looking like a Cheeto or Donald Trump (pretty much the same thing)!


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When I Wake Up From My Dream of Being A V.S. Runway Model…

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Worst. Awakening. Ever.

The reality usually sucks, but it helps that we can make it suck less. And a few minutes as Adriana Lima in our dreams is better than none.

The weapon of choice for most celebrities who flaunt age-defying bods that we have the luxury of choosing are treatments like Thermage and Ultherapy.

Performed at a trusted aesthetic establishment, and the procedure itself has little downtime and takes about 60 minutes to complete.

If you’re bugged by the appearance of our less-than-perfect thighs but are not obsessed enough to undergo a medical treatment like Thermage,  Cellu-Melt is a spa-based cellulite-fighting treatment that works to break apart fibers between cellulite bundles.

Cellu-melt uses a proprietary cocktail of vitamins A and C that optimizes the skin’s collagen. When paired with Exilis Body Magic (so named because of its ‘magical effect on the body’), it can also smoothen and tighten skin beautifully so your body skin looks young and supple without you lifting a finger.


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