Ever wondered why losing weight is one of the most common New Year resolutions of all time? Everyone seems to have a bone to pick with their body at the turn of the new year. Why?

It’s really simple – most, if not all of us suffer from glutton’s guilt from all the Christmas, Dinner and Dance and New Year wining and dining that pepper our social schedules in November and December. It’s unavoidable!

When all of the frenzy from all of the festivities start to die down, the harsh reality of food babies and weight scale tipping starts to set in.

Why leave the good (read: food) fight until the end of the year, when you can start now?


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The Before

One of the biggest precautions you can take before you start all the feasting is to ensure that all of the gears of your digestive machine are well-oiled.

Indigestion makes a sizeable contribution to the reasons for weight gain. When your bowel movement is irregular, you’re carrying the weight of the waste you cannot expel, making you bloated.

This also happens to be the reason why people ‘feel fat’ only on certain days.

Regulate and overhaul your entire digestive system with the all-natural herbal Daily Cleanse supplement to relieve yourself of constipation or indigestion from overeating.

This supplement not only stimulates the digestion of food in the body, it ensures that your bowel movements are healthy and regular.


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The During

Now that you’ve fortified your digestive system, you’re well and ready to bask in the festivities… but not without a habit you might have heard of but haven’t gotten around to picking up.

Detoxing works more wonders than it’s been given credit for, especially when you are eating and drinking in proportion.

Think of your body as a desktop/laptop that has been running for the longest time. Performance will tend to be sluggish and laggy because it is in need of updates and a reboot – which is exactly what a detox does to our body.

If you’re already lamenting the idea of blending an assortment of fruits and vegetables and drinking it for dinner, don’t.

Supplements like the Purification 1-Day Cleanse do away with all the traditional detox groundwork for you – all you need to do is to mix it in your water tumbler and drink it throughout the day, after a night of hard partying.


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The After(math)

For all who are still packing excess baggage or loss in body tone after all the year-end parties and want to do away with it, there are still ways to honor that new year resolution.

There is a slew of cellulite-busting treatments in the market, but none more comfortable and time-efficient as the Onda Body Magic (voted Best Cellulite Buster of 2019 by Harper Bazaar’s).

The non-invasive equivalent of liposuction, this procedure uses a patented Coolwave technology that literally freezes body fat into submission, causing their comprehensive disintegration.

With a very mobile applicator helming the whole process, there is no fat-laden area that Onda can’t work its magic on.

For the lucky ones who are just complaining about the loss in muscle tone of their bodies from all of the eating and drinking, the Magnetic Muscle Sculpt has got you all covered.

Utilizing electromagnetic power, this new treatment on the market stimulates the muscles in your abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, making those abs and pecs show through, just like they used to. It’s just like going to the gym without going – you’ll actually feel those muscles ache the next day!

So there you have it – solutions for virtually everyone’s New Year Resolution. About time someone made good on it anyway!


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