2020 is a year of many new normals.

The face masks we know of are no longer applied before you sleep, but worn at all times as long as you’re outdoors. If you’re looking to hang out with 5 of your best friends, ala Friends, it’s not going to happen outdoors for the foreseeable future.

Throw in the 10.30 pm curfew (essentially 7 pm on a Friday night) and working from home in your PJs a daily affair, and that pretty much sums up our pandemic-stricken 2020.

While working from home comes with perks like not having to wake up 2 hours early to put on your face, it also means we’re allowed to watch just an extra couple of that latest K-drama on Netflix. And another couple more. And a final couple more.

With our body clocks all out of wack and sleep becoming more like a couple of naps combined, a couple of unwelcome visitors will come a-knocking on your skin – and it might get ugly.


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Dark Eye Circles and Eyebags… Why

B8P2Fatigue is the most common cause of dark circles and eyebags under your eyes. Sometimes, what appears to be dark circles under your eyes may merely be shadows cast by puffy eyelids or hollows under your eyes that develop as a normal part of aging.

The older we get, the more susceptible we are too dark eye circles and all of the other unsavory skin-toms that accompany it.

Flawless skin requires a healthy amount of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid to sustain.

As we grow older, the production levels of these components start to wane, and our skin starts to lose its hydration and vigor. This is when the signs of aging start creeping in, dark eye circles included. The puffy eyebags that made you look like you’ve cried for 2 hours straight also comes as a part of that package.

A “security breach” on our skin, if you will. Fear not, I’ve got just the solution(s) for you.


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Recommended Solutions

Revitalift Undereye TreatmentB8P3For all the tired eyes out there, this treatment makes use of hyaluronic acid to induce natural collagen and elastin production.

These components not only help to diminish the conspicuity of dark eye circles, but they also help to tighten your skin and restore its moisture and glow. Not only do the dark eye circles go – your wrinkles, eye bags, and crow’s feet get the boot too.


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Golden Eye. B8P4Topical anti-aging creams that you can find off the shelves have always been a hit-or-miss when it comes to alleviating the effects of aging around your eyes. This is where technology comes into the fray.

The Golden Eye treatment makes use of the avant-garde technology of Sygma Lift’s patented HIFU to lift the eye area while ironing out the dry fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles. Pain-free, hassle-free,” explains Dr. Low.


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Miracle Eye Reviver Program.B8P5This is more than just your customary treatment to get rid of your dark eye circles; this is the complete overhaul for your eyes that you’ll be hard-pressed to miss.

Six little-to-no-time sessions of collagen strengthening lasers for your upper and lower eyelids, with 3 sessions of wrinkle smoothening NeoGen Plasma Eyelift, capped off by 6 Eye Recovery and Eye Lift Masks… there won’t be a dry eye in the house once you are done.


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Thermage  B9P6At this point, it is pretty apparent that all the treatments recommended by Dr. Low do more than just ease your dark-eye woes – they do way more than that. No complaints there!

Thermage is also no exception when it comes to multi-purpose treatments. Specially designed for all who are losing the battle with gravity, this non-invasive skin rejuvenating and tightening procedure penetrates and repairs your skin from under by way of radiofrequency waves.

These waves help to stimulate collagen growth, leaving your wrinkles, eye bags, and dark eye circles for dead.


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