Ever wondered why people always ask “How OLD are you”, instead of “How young are you”?

The “o” word is offensive to many people, but the sad fact is that growing old is a rite of passage we all have to go through. How well we go through this rite, is a whole ‘nother story altogether.

There is a very fine line between aging gracefully and aging…well, disgracefully. When the perils of age come knocking, what steps do you take to counter it?

Which side of the line will you end up on?


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All’s Fair In War


One of the fundamental steps to take as you embark on your quest to aging with elegance is to keep the cruel pull of gravity from stretching out your skin.

As you get on in years, your body’s ability to produce natural elastin and collagen greatly diminishes. With elastin and collagen being the key ingredients to younger and plumper skin, you will start to realize what goes up, will eventually come down.

Constant exposure to the sun also greatly exacerbates the process of skin sagging. Exposing your skin to the powerful rays of the sun day in, day out will severely lower your elastin and collagen count, dealing another lethal blow to your once-supple skin.

With all these odds stacked against you, it is pretty evident this war can’t be won alone. We recommend SW1’s Unicorn Tears, a water-based, dual-purpose miracle worker that recharges and revitalizes skin cells.

Ingredients like tranexamic acid and retinol also ensure that your skin is kept fair, smooth, and supple… like silk.


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Live In Skin That’s New


Other than falling victim to the mentioned natural circumstances, genetics can also be a key player in deciding your skin’s fate. Some of us are born with naturally oily skin, which probably means you have enlarged pores.

Enlarged pores are not only unsightly, they also encourage the growth of blackheads and acne, accentuating its prominence on your skin and also affecting its texture.

Throw in unforgiving elements like time, climate, and personal negligence, you’d be staring at a cacophony of enlarged pores, acne scars, and wrinkles before you even realize it. I wouldn’t wish this fate upon my worst enemy!

One surefire way to age backwards, and give your skin a new lease of life, is by the miracle worker we call the Baby Skin Program.

This program is a sumptuous “three-course meal” for your starving skin. The signature BB AquaTouch Laser treatment clears pigment lesions at an accelerated rate while improving skin elasticity and diminishing enlarged pores and wrinkles.

Complete the rebirth of your skin with the LED Red Therapy, which stimulates skin cell renewal, and the Pearl Éclat, a treatment primed to restore that healthy glow from within.


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Low Downtime, High Yield


We live in a very fast-paced and hectic environment, with very little time for respite. Deadlines to meet, social commitments to fulfill, quotas to hit.

The need to accomplish everything within a stipulated time forces us to adapt, and look for workarounds and quick-fixes to alleviate the pressure.

Keeping up with beauty regimes might be generally a long running process with results only visible over time and religious upkeep, but there are a few exceptions to this rule.

One of the most sought-after in the line of no-frills, low-downtime beauty treatments, Baby Drop Fillers is your go-to solution for instances where you do not have the luxury of time.

Packing drops of the formidable and au naturel hyaluronic acid, this treatment gives your skin its required boost almost instantaneously. Be ready for any shindig around the corner.

The day someone comes up to you and asks you “How YOUNG are you” is still very much possible – you just have to play your cards right.


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