Everybody always “makes up their mind” to commit to something before the new year comes… but mostly just for the sake of it.

Everyone wants to make a new year’s resolution and arm themselves with the faux confidence to follow through, because FOMO (fear of missing out).

When all the dust from the turn of the new year settles and we go about our daily motions, these resolutions often become empty promises to self.

The truth is resolutions, much like promises, are made to be broken. We might as well skip the formalities and get right to doing it – but doing it smart.


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“I WILL Lose Weight on MY Own Terms.”

This could be the biggest like we’ve been telling ourselves for years, but it somehow never gets old.

Eating healthy and putting in the time at the gym are herculean as tasks come, and definitely easier said than done. In between work, play, family, cravings, and new culinary gimmicks, we often forget all about this resolution quite easily.

If we’re finding ourselves lacking in the resolve and discipline, the end goal of a svelte figure can still be achieved, albeit ‘outsourced’.

Body fat and weight can still be lost via non-invasive treatments like the Onda Body Magic (Harper’s Bazaar Spa Awards Winner for Best Cellulite Buster 2019), a treatment that works better than liposuction, but with cold instead.

For ab-hunters that may have skipped gym 5 times too many, the Magnetic Muscle Sculpt program can sort your ab-sculpting needs out – its intensity at its peak is equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups in one sitting.

Weight lost; muscle gained!


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“I WILL Take Better Care of My Skin.”

There is no particular majority demographic when it comes to this resolution – anyone who makes this can either be trying to overcome the scourge of acne or prevent the sprouting of more fine lines.

The spectrum of skin issues is broad, as is the range of products that line up the shelves offering solutions for it. Not for the lack of trying, some might find themselves spending huge sums of money on skincare, but not benefiting from it at all.

Sometimes the really good things come in really small packages: in this case, ampoules. There is a ‘box set’ of ampoules recently introduced into the market, that covers every aspect of skin maintenance – from acne to pigmentation, or fine lines to dark eye circles.

These ampoules are known for their high concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid, known to be the key component in the reparation and regeneration of the skin.

If that’s still not giving you the desired results, make an appointment with a trusted Aesthetic doctor, to talk about you to Preserve your Youth.


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“I WILL Recalibrate My Body Clock and Sleep Better”

 The term ‘beauty sleep’ is coined not for nothing. There is a real correlation between sleep and beauty… as in the more you sleep, the better you look.

Owing to our ever-growing reliance on social media and streaming platforms (damned Netflix!), bedtime now has a new meaning: literally just lying in bed, refreshing our Instagram feeds or binge-watching the latest Netflix series.

Making the effort to sleep earlier is absolutely down to you sadly. It’s all about self-control (again easier said than done). What you can change is your pre-bedtime beauty routine.

Dark eye circles, eye bags, and a pallid complexion are all by-products of sleep deprivation. In order to counter this, make sure your night cream is efficient enough to halt the rot, even before you actually enter Sleep Mode.

That is the least you can do in terms of cushioning the damage your poor sleep patterns deal to your skin… if you’re reading this at 2 am in the morning on a workday, you know how this resolution of yours is going!


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