Standards of beauty, especially since the social media boom have been evolving at a blink-and-you-miss speed – but not without the lack of a few constants.

Fair skin is one example of a beauty cornerstone that will not be swept away by the currents of time. The snowy clear porcelain skin, much popularized by Korean celebrities is the quintessential template for ethereal beauty and elegance, and the dream complexion type of many, if not all of us.

The reality, however, is that not all of us are bestowed with clear and fair skin upon birth. Our skin gets subjected to a good amount of abuse from environmental factors. Loss of quality is inevitable, without the right form of intervention.

Fair skin can turn dry and dark with constant sun exposure. Smooth skin can also turn rough from acne or pigmentation, or dry and wrinkled from lack of moisturizing.

If you’re really dreaming of a White Christmas, I’ll have you know that some dreams CAN come true.


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The Right Routine


Customizing a routine to fit the environment that you’re in will be great for starters. For a tropical country like Singapore, the sun is relentless, and the humidity can work for or against you.

The UV rays of the sun are the main contributors to dark, dull, and pigmented skin. Arm yourself with some sunscreen before you step out into the sun, and create that protective shield between the sun’s rays and your precious skin.

Humidity is another uniquely Singapore factor that does not bode well for your skin. With so much moisture in the air, we tend to perspire very easily, and sebum production is also increased. An oilier face means the heightened possibility of clogged and enlarged pores.

Replace the loss of moisture in your skin with a trusty cleanser-moisturizer hybrid that will rehydrate and radiate your skin, while removing all the grease and impurities inherited from a day out in the open.

Always make it a point to moisturize before you start and after you end your day.


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Eat Fair, Stay Fair


For sufferers of pigmentation/hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, or dark spots, I understand the quest for alleviation naturally centers around topical treatments.

But before you drop an exorbitant sum of money on your next line of skin whitening products, here are some dietary changes you can make on your end to give your skin a fighting chance.

Long-term or excessive consumption of refined carbs in processed foods can eventually dull your complexion and further bury that glow in your skin you want to come through.

Refined carbs cause spikes in your insulin levels, leading to inflammation of collagen and elastin. You’ll find yourself on the fast route to saggy skin and (gasp!) wrinkles.

Reduce your intake of pasta and white bread, and you might just be able to restore that glow and fairness back to your skin with much more ease.

Protein and Vitamin C are accelerants for your body’s self-repairing mechanism. The more protein and Vitamin C your body consumes, the faster the rate of repair. Always load up on your fish, lean meat, and eggs.

Vitamin C even doubles up as an anti-oxidant and can counteract the damage done to your skin and combat your skin’s aging process even more efficiently.

Combine these dietary tips with the application of your preferred whitening and brightening cream to optimize your skin transformation process.


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Laser Eraser


It is pretty inaccurate to just say that the Korean celebrities you see in the mass media have fair skin. There is an added quality, a polish to their fairness. A luminosity and dewiness to their skin, it almost borders on translucence.

Scientists have been working to concoct the penultimate winning formula in skin whitening and pigment removal due to the rising demand, and they’ve finally found the breakthrough they were looking for.

Aptly named the Porcelain Skin Program, this FDA approved procedure combines the potency of two dark pigment-annihilating lasers, skin smoothening and tightening aqua dermabrasion, and health-boosting and blemish-clearing Pearl Éclat to thoroughly even out the tone of your skin and really bring out that opulent glow your skin always had, beneath its once pallid surface.

This program conveniently packages all you need to whiten and brighten your skin and is exclusively available at SW1 Clinic.

Life is not always fair – but your skin can definitely be.


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