All of us have the innate yearning to look good; to wonder what it’s like to live one day in the life of that celebrity you see plastered all over the tabloids, her star power glowing red-hot under the camera lights and sounds.

There will be occasions where you will be required to attend an event that is higher on the “glam scale”. Evening dresses will be required, photographers will be roving, important people will be present. You will need to make an impression – or become a statistic.

Making an indelible impression when it matters does not have to be a pipe dream anymore. Be ready to feel like you’re walking on the red carpet, all day everyday… even when you’re not.


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Glitz and Glamour


All the celebrities you see attending gala premieres always dazzle with radiance on the red carpet. Their glittery Gucci gowns aside, they exude a charm that draws people to fawn over them. The secret to this? It’s all on their faces.

Fresh-faced, devoid of the kind of eye bags, lines, and wrinkles we all unfortunately suffer from, their beauty is ethereal, almost bordering on artificial. Good makeup aside, these stars take good care of themselves.

Hours before the event, they are probably receiving the full treatment for their faces. A facial here, a nip and a tuck there, prepping their faces to be the perfect canvas for their makeup artists.

This is something you can achieve for yourself as well, big event upcoming or not. An all-encompassing facial like the Glamour Peel boasts skin brightening, spot fading, line smoothening, pore reduction, and moisturizing qualities… all within 90 minutes.


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In The Spotlight


Dinner or gala events are major platforms for you to shine but can also be an occasion where all your facial flaws are accentuated. Flash photography and bright lights often expose one thing no amount of makeup can cover – the texture of your face.

All your acne bumps are three-dimensional, and it is next to impossible to really completely conceal them. Pockmarks and scars from healed acne are also equally hard to conceal and become especially prominent under the bright lights.

A “face buffing” treatment like the Forever Young BBL would be ideal to smoothen out the texture of your face.

A supercharged version of the famed IPL, this light-based therapy’s prowess transcends hair removal; this procedure sends light energy deep into your skin, willing the production of collagen, killing acne bacteria, and minimizing pore size, and smoothens rough-textured skin in the process.


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From Flab To Ab


Now that you have a face that is ready for the red carpet, it’s time to pay some attention to your body. You want to be the perfect package for the perfect stage.

You would want to fit into that slinky dress you’ve purchased specially for the occasion with perpetual ease, and not have to squeeze into it by expending an amount of effort (like holding your breath and hoping you’ll never exhale again).  A wardrobe malfunction on the big stage is the stuff of nightmares, one you might never recover from!

Maintain your figure a few weeks leading up to the big day, by holding out on your food cravings, and some extra hours of gym time. Call in the cavalry if you need a little bit of toning for that mid-riff baring dress.

Programs like the Magnetic Muscle Sculpt provide a full suite of services from fat elimination to contouring and body toning, all without you having to break a sweat. Get from flab to fab with this all-in-one package.

Now that your T’s are crossed, and your I’s are dotted, I hereby declare you…red carpet ready. Go forth and glam it up for Christmas and New Year Parties!


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