2020 has been a challenging year for all of us, to put it mildly.

Apart from trying to fend off a deadly virus that might potentially kill us, we’ve had to deal with a two-month house arrest sentence, job uncertainty, loss of time with our loved ones, a public curfew, the inability to travel… I could really go on.

If all of these scenarios are not making you a little stir-crazy and moody, I need to know what you’re doing for the glowing optimism. Because for all of the sulking and pouting we’ve done for this year, gravity is gleefully thanking us for the assist – 2020 could actually be making us age a little bit more than we should.


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Wait, How?

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If you’ve been doing a fair bit of inadvertent sulking and frowning this year, you’re essentially creasing up your face and overworking your facial muscles. When that happens, you end up encouraging the prominence of a few of these signs of aging:

Fine Lines/Wrinkles

Don’t really get why fine lines are named as such, because the fact is they are anything but.

Along with the deeper set lines we know as the wrinkles, these two are the most telling signs of aging and can happen to you anytime (no, you don’t have 30 years) if your skin is dehydrated and lack the right skin regimen.

Iron these out before they sprout, by investing in a day and night cream that increases the rate of dead skin exfoliation, moisturizes and replenishes ebbing collagen supply.

Crow’s Feet

Crows definitely are not the most appealing creatures on the planet, so I have no bones to pick with what this is called.

These lines that snake from the sides of your eyes can also happen with dehydration, lack of exfoliation, and smiling or squinting too much over time.

Who knew being happy can come at the expense of our youth?

Worry not, there are specific products that target and eliminate crow’s feet. An example would be the Emerald Oil Anti-Aging Eye Treatment serum.

Apply this non-greasy, non-preservative serum diligently enough, it’ll not only be the crow’s feet that goes away – gone will be your eye bags and dark eye circles too.

Turkey Neck

The Face App transformation of Megan Markle has actually done her a little bit of justice around the neck region. It could get worse for you 30 years from now.

The neck is one of the most oft-neglected areas of the skin. Because of how thin the skin around that area is, it can be prone to some serious sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles aside.

Replenish the retinol age takes away from your skin with the Gold Retinol Vitamin A Anti-Aging Neck Treatment, an organic neck-specific product that moisturizes, nourishes, and tightens the fragile skin around your neck.

It’s not always about the face – the neck can betray your youth too.


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Old Jokes Aside…


If we look at the grander picture of aging and the science of it all, external factors like the sun and the environment are nothing mere accelerators of this process.

Aging is really in our DNA, and getting to the core of that might just grind the ills of age to a stuttering halt.

Enter Gene Therapy, a serum forged from the Nobel-Prize winning research conducted on DNA-repair technology.

This miracle worker contains enzymes that serve as the auditors of your skin: damaged DNA strands are sought out, repaired, removed, or replaced depending on the extent of deterioration, healing you from the inside and shielding you from the outside.


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