We as humans have a very warped deviation towards negativity. The bad things tend to leave an impression, diminishing the overarching good that comes along with it.

With everything that has been publicized about botched aesthetic procedures involving the use of needles, fillers have somehow gotten caught in the crossfire, sharing the flak for being an ‘unreliable’ and ‘unsafe’ procedure.

If anything, fillers are just misunderstood… and they want to be given a chance to clear the air.


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The Facts from the Fiction

One of the prevailing (and milder) reservations that most people will have is, of course, the pain from the injections administered to the treatment areas.

Injections do generally come with a little bit of discomfort – but news of insufferable pain has been greatly exaggerated.

Especially for fillers, numbing agents are usually applied before the microinjections (yes, just micro) are administered. With the use of numbing agents on top of the injections being ‘micro’ in nature, fillers really do not hurt as much as falsely advertised.

Another prime concern where fillers are concerned is (allegedly) how frequently you need to do it, for maintenance’s sake.

That is however just a classic case of hearsay and generalization. There are various types of filler treatments serving different purposes available in the market, and patients that go back regularly for fillers do it because they want to, not because they have to.

Fillers, in general, have a shelf life of at least 6 months, and specific ones like the Volume High-Definition Lift for facial sculpting can last up to a whopping  18 months with proper rest and a healthy diet.

Another assumption about fillers is the fact that it only caters to the sculpting and shaping of your face, and anywhere else more specific would require the intervention of a scalpel.

Not true at all! Fillers are in their element when working on your facial features, but lip and nose fillers are also getting their time in the sun for the people who know it, and are perceived as viable and way more comfortable alternatives for surgical procedures like nose jobs, or potentially excessive or poorly executed lip Botox procedures.


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In the Right Hands

Every botched surgery attempt comes with a set of special circumstances behind it, and it would extremely unfair to lump the general use of fillers in with those indiscretions.

Fillers will always be a safe and fastidious procedure, with little or no downtime if performed in the hands of an experienced practitioner. Always look for established doctors who will put you through a thorough consultation before they decide what’s best for you.


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