I’ve personally never been a fan of crowds – all the rubbing of shoulders and the standing in lines sometimes just to purchase a solitary item.

This is the reason why I’ve always tried to limit all my shopping to within the confines of my laptop…even Christmas gift shopping. No actually, ESPECIALLY Christmas gift shopping. If you could see the human horde in town these days, you’d understand why too.

Along with my insatiable appetite for online shopping, there is another form of shopping I like to do – impulse-fuelled, last-minute, adrenaline-charged shopping. I like to leave it late, but trust me, all ye who receive your gifts… it’s worth the wait.

If you’re panicking over the gifts you have not bought for the ones you love, and want them to be more than obligatory gifts, here are a few choice picks for the vain ones in your clique (other than yourself).


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#1 DMAE Gel, by chái (USD78.00)



The first item right into the cart was SW1’s DMAE Gel Face Firming Activator.

The combination of the firming qualities of DMAE and the exfoliating properties of 24 gold flakes not only tightens sagging skin, but it also radiates your complexion by ridding it of dead skin cells.

All of the UV damage and pore-clogging makeup was starting to take its toll on my skin, this was naturally the go-to product that I will obsessively use for the month my face takes a break from makeup!


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#2 Defense Hand Sanitizer by chái (USD12.00)

I never thought I’d hear the word ‘sanitize’ so much in my life, but such is the stark reality of our current situation.

This is not your run-of-the-mill sanitizer though. Mass-produced sanitizers contain a high amount of alcohol that serves its germ-killing purpose to an extent, but it also dries up your skin as fast as it cleans it.

The Defense hand sanitizer contains a unique component no other sanitizers contain: collagen-producing hyaluronic acid. Even your hands need some loving and some smoothening out in these rough times

I would have gotten the giant 240ml if they hadn’t run out of it. I managed to acquire 1 of the only 20 left in stock… lucky me.


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Sapphire Peel Purifying Peel by chái, (USD$66.00)


Multi-tasking has never been my forte, but I think I’ve found my footing with this dermal peeling mask.

A skin brightening treatment that removes the dead cell skin layer, this product unclogs my enlarged pores and defends it against that pesky occasional zit that appears out of thin air that even my trusted concealer can’t conceal.

I’m going to close my eyes, apply all of this goodness on my skin, reopen them, while I continue binging the new season of Start Up on Net.

BOOM! Multi-tasking. Consider the Christmas shopping done and dusted!


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