Fair skin has long been portrayed as an everlasting yardstick for beauty, elegance, and charm by popular culture.

It has transcended the test of time and geography, from your Disney movies to all the adored Korean pop and drama stars flashing their pearly whites on your screens accompanied by their immaculate porcelain fair skin.

So if you’re asking to be a shade (or two) fairer at the turn of the new year, no one’s going to give you shade for that.


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Load Up On Retinol


Our skin is exposed to the harsh elements of the environment on a daily basis.

Other than the harmful rays of the sun, recycled air from the air-conditioned offices most of us work out of introduce a host of unseen and unknown impurities that settle on our bare skin.

This is why Retinol is an integral part of skin maintenance. The most natural form of Vitamin A, Retinol helps to trigger cell division in the skin, providing a form of skin renewal and exfoliation.

The Retinol Peel treatment from SW1 Spa is the perfect pampering your skin deserves. Other than giving your skin a brighter and fresher outlook by means of exfoliation, this treatment also helps to fight pigmentation and wrinkles, improving the firmness and elasticity of your skin.


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Tone It Up


There will be occasions where you fall in love with a certain shade of lipstick or blusher, but you might not have the right skin tone to do it justice. To buy, or not to buy?

You will not have to answer a question like this anymore. The CC Lumiere Colour Correcting Skin Primer is the miracle worker that will adjust your skin tone to compliment any trendy shade of makeup you wish to pull off.

This tone-up and CC cream hybrid comes in an illuminating lavender hue that revitalizes dull and uneven complexion, adjusting your skin tone to a fairer shade.

How fair you want your skin tone to be is entirely up to how many layers you wish to apply. Tripling up as an SPF 50 sunscreen, it is the staple pre-makeup product to have.


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The Only Form Of Abrasion You Need


…is dermabrasion. This is another exfoliating technique that involves the scouring of the outermost layers of the skin with a special instrument. Achieving fair skin isn’t the only end goal here.

Fair skin needs to be accompanied by a smooth texture, free of acne scars, enlarged pores or pigmentation, and dermabrasion is just the procedure you need to fulfill all of that.

The Porcelain Skin Program by SW1, goes above and beyond the call of duty… by doing much more than whitening your skin by dermabrasion.

This program also throws in laser treatment for skin discoloration and pigment removal, a signature Pearl Éclat procedure, for skin detoxification, topped off with skin whitening facial wraps to give your skin a complete overhaul.


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Patch It Up


Porcelain skin has a very consistent texture; almost an airbrushed effect. Unfortunately for some of us, inconsistency appears to be the bulk of the issue with our skin.

Blotchy, patchy skin ridden with sun and dark spots plague more people than we know, and some wear the effects of it more than others. Skin discoloration makes one look lackluster, and we all feel like how we look.

Look more alive with the White Plasma Whitening & Illuminating Serum, a supercharged, quick-absorbing formula that targets all of the conditions mentioned above.

This non-greasy formula not only evens out your skin tone and lightens all forms of pigmentation, its contents illuminates your skins and gives it the kind of radiance never seen in patchy and blotchy skin.


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Fac(ial) The Music


 5 simple steps… 1 fair result.

Step out of our SW1 Spa glowing and feeling like Monroe… iconic mole sold separately.


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