It first happened during a routine rub-and-dry after a shower. As I dried off my face with the towel, a clear portion of the fogged-up mirror presented me with a horrific discovery – fine lines were starting to crease the area of my eyes.

My panic heightened upon my further probing. I realized that my forehead lines were getting more pronounced, and a tug on my skin also revealed how loose it was getting.

I am, for lack of a better term, aging disgracefully.


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Shoulda Seen It Coming


These signs of aging might have been there all along, but in between a day job, a husband, and 3 kids, the signs must have eluded me completely.

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this because life moves at a breakneck speed these days. Even the ablest multi-taskers need a little help when it comes to self-maintenance.

Given the state of my face, what I needed was a facelift… but I was going NOWHERE near a scalpel.


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A Lifeline

Being as out of the loop as I am due to my hectic lifestyle, I never knew about the advent of aesthetic technology, and how there are scores of non-invasive alternatives I could explore to stop the rot.

One of these treatments, as recommended by a friend of mine is known as the Youth Preserve. With her having nothing but good things to say about it and with that particular mention of no-scalpel being involved, I decided to give it a go… before things went further down south.


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Does It?

Before the treatment proper, my aesthetician explained in detail how this process works, and what it’ll do for my skin.

The Youth Preserve procedure is made up of two key components, one of them being Hyaluronic Acid, and the other being this new aesthetic technology known as Profhilo, the world’s first BDDE-free stabilized injectable.

In layman’s terms, this procedure is virtually chemical-free – music to my ears.

This procedure administers one of the highest concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid to 5 specific points of the face via microinjections, inducing the growth of collagen and in turn repairing and renewing the skin.

I did not feel a substantial amount of pain while the injections were being administered, but did feel a stinging sensation that lasted all of a few seconds.

There were no visible markings on my face that I could not cover with a little makeup magic, so zero downtime – checked!


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The Aftermath

I was advised by the doctor beforehand that this procedure’s results are not instantaneous, and may require a few days for visible results, due to the steady growth of skin-boosting nutrients induced by the concentrated Hyaluronic Acid.

It did take me a couple of days before I started to observe the difference in my skin. In place of pale and pallid, my skin was basked in an opulent glow and felt plumper and more voluminous than before.

The Profhilo technology is more of a hydrator for the skin, rather than the conventional filler, making it an even more perfect plumping agent for dull and loose skin.

I was also told that the Youth Preserve treatment can be combined with other procedures for further skin enhancement – to which I replied I would… the next time I come by to Preserve my Youth.


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