Hormones are the sole perpetrators of the countless murders of people you do not like in your head, and also the reason you walk with a spring in your step, sometimes for no apparent reason.

These mood swings get exacerbated, especially when it’s that time of the month when Aunt Flo pays you a visit.

These are the chemical messengers that course through your veins in your body, giving your tissues and organs the boost they need to function properly. Apart from your mood, your hormones are pivotal in the performance of your growth, metabolism, sexual function, and fertility.

Oh, and as you grow older, they’re responsible for your alarming rate of weight gain too.


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Piling on the Pounds, Piling on the Frowns


As the 30s’ flash by you and you find yourself at the door of 40, you will find your menstruation cycle slowly grinding to a halt.

While this might seem like good news for mothers who already have kids they love dearly and do not wish to have any more, menstruation’s final lap also slows down the production of estrogen, due to the declining ovary count.

Estrogen is vital in the regulation of your food intake, body weight, and glucose metabolism, and a surplus of that as you age will result in weight gain…accelerated weight gain.


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Perimenopause… What is It?


The expedited weight gain at the end of your 30s’ is just one of the many symptoms of perimenopause.

Perimenopause is essentially your ‘orientation’ course in preparation for full-fledged menopause. Period irregularities, hot flashes, mood swings, and poor memory are all just part of the course syllabus… and the extra baggage you’re carrying around is not helping any matters.

While there are many symptoms of perimenopausal that are not within our control, finding your way back into fighting shape certainly helps to make you feel better about yourself.

And that is a very good start.


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Losing it All


The loss of metabolism is not directly attributed to perimenopause and is more of one of the natural ills of aging. Weight loss at an advanced age may be trickier than it already is, but making the right choices in this crusade makes it all very possible.

Good ol’ dieting and exercising never hurt anyone, but you may not be able to burn fat at the rate desired. Time to throw in a few choice weigh-busting reinforcements.

Introducing detoxification into your routine could be the first step of this whole process. As you age, your digestive system also starts to lose efficiency to process food intake.

Detoxification safely purges all the bloatware in your system and ensures that the food that goes in, goes out like clockwork. Keeping off the pounds also requires an equally cooperative digestive system.

For the ones who cannot seem to muster enough willpower to hit the gym and failing to log any form of weight loss from dieting or detoxing, fret not.

Technology has bestowed upon us a few ‘hacks’, to bypass all of the hard work that might sometimes not pay off.

Non-invasive treatments like Coolshape and Onda Body Magic (Harper Bazaar’s Spa Awards winner of 2019) allow you to lie in the comfort of spa-like environments, while electromagnets and cryolipolysis work to destroy fat cells in selected areas, with its efficacy likened to that of a tummy tuck – just sans scalpel. All you feel during these procedures? Just cooling sensations.


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