Fate can sometimes deal you with a few blows in life, and one of the cruelest of these blows can be the inevitability of aging.

There is nothing we can do to halt the hands of time from making us old, but the real worry lies in the wearing of the effects of age on our skin.

Our skin begins to deteriorate from the age of 30 onwards, and loose skin, wrinkles, and fine lines will start to show from the ages of 35 onwards through negligence.

If growing old is not bad enough, the lack of attention you’re paying to your skin can make you look older than you are.

Fortunately for you, there are 4 elements you can include in your skincare regimen that will not stagger your number of years clocked, but may just stop you from looking like it.


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#1. Vitamin A

Of all the anti-agents, treatments and masks out there, our skin sometimes lacks something more organic and chemical-free, and Vitamin A is a prime example of one such nutrient.

The primary component that makes up Vitamin A is retinol, famed for its skin renewal accelerating properties.

While this may be Vitamin A’s most prominent quality, it also functions as an antioxidant that breaks down radicals that threaten to disrupt collagen production in your body. Its anti-inflammatory properties also ensure any form of acne bacteria will be systemically broken down and purged.

Oh yeah, it also acts as a shield against the harmful UV rays the sun emits too.

Utilization of Vitamin A-rich products like Age Defy will help you in your cause to well, defy age.


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#2. Niacinamide

Moving down the alphabet line, we have…Niacinamide.

Big jump from “A” I know, but I’m referring to Vitamin B-3, which is also what Niacinamide is known as.

The magic of this vitamin is more than skin deep. A deficiency of Vitamin B-3 can cause kidney and even brain disorders.

The presence of this vitamin aids in the production of keratin, a type of protein that keeps the skin firm and glowing with health.

Aside from its pore-minimizing prowess and adept control of sebum production, B-3 is also coveted for its efficiency against more severe pigmentation-related skin conditions like rosacea and eczema.

The Flawless Complexion Clearing Serum gives you no prizes for guessing what it does to your skin. This clog-clearing and pore refining wonder cream closes up your pores and smoothens and whitens your face, while Vitamin A takes care of those pesky wrinkles.


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#3. Vitamin C

Being the most famous vitamin of the lot, people revere Vitamin C for its health benefits, but the magic it works on the skin is pretty underrated.

It for one boosts the production of your collagen, which you need for firm and plump skin. Being a vitamin, it, of course, functions as an antioxidant as well.

On top of that, Vitamin C is also an effective sunscreen and moisturizer, keeping your skin safe from the toxic rays of the sun, and keeping it hydrated enough to fend off the formation of wrinkles.

It is essentially everything you need to keep your skin in the pink of health. An elixir like Vitamin C is best applied topically onto the skin after the use of your cleanser and toner, to be left overnight to work its rejuvenating wonder.


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