The votes are in: matt-looking skin is OUT. There is a new beauty trend in town, and it involves shiny glowy skin.

The “glass skin” phenomenon is taking the world by storm – exceptionally smooth, even-toned and radiant skin that is so impeccable, it looks like your skin is made of glass… much like our fragile hearts.

The sad truth is – most of us have what SEEMS like glass skin… but it’s just all an illusion of grease and unease.


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Sebum, an oil that is secreted from the glands on your skin is a double-edged sword. It is high in the antioxidant Vitamin E, and provides hydration and anti-inflammatory advantages for the skin.

Too much of something and ruin a good thing however, and that happens to be the common affliction that befalls most of us. Sebum production in excess can create a host of problems like acne, blotchy, and clogged or enlarged pores.

Your skin’s sensitivity is also heightened with excess sebum, and you will struggle to find cosmetic products like sunscreen and foundation that will not further clog your pores and exacerbate the oily situation.


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Always Stay Glassy, Ladies

The appearance of greasy skin and glassy skin do bear some similarities, but differ in many more ways.

Here are 5 solutions to help you steer clear of the wrong side of shiny skin, and edge closer to the even-toned, smooth-textured and unblemished greatness of glass skin.

Enter Sleep Mode. – a good night of slumber is one of the first steps to take in pursuit of the perfect complexion. The aptly named Sleep Mode is the perfect night cream to acceleration the reparation of your skin.

Loaded with oil-free Aloe Vera and Glycolic Acid, religious application of this product will help to reduce sebum production, clear up acne, and even diminish the appearance of fine lines.

Coffee-d Your Skin. – Other than your customary morning cuppa joe, your skin needs a dose of caffeine like you’d never know. I’m not talking about consuming more coffee – I’m actually talking about applying it on your skin.

Coffee is a rich antioxidant that actually slows down the production of sebum and keeps its levels within the healthy range. Soak used coffee grounds in pure coconut oil, and gently massage this into your skin. This even has an exfoliating effect on your skin, giving it good texture and tone.

Fruit is good. – if coffee is not so much your taste and you’re only used to consuming it, something easier on your olfactory palate is also an option for you.

The nasal treat that is the Fruit Enzyme Refining and Renewing Serum is another non-greasy formula that doubles up as acne bacteria exterminator and blemish remover. Also contains ingredients that improve the immunity of your skin, preventing the possibility of future breakouts.

Clear Away the Blues. – For a more holistic approach to improving the condition of your skin and liberating yourself from all the oil and turmoil, changes have to be rung from the inside out. This means diving right below the dermis, and getting to the root of the problem.

5-step cell calming procedures like Clear Blue get under your skin and repair damaged skin cells, eliminating bacteria and shrinking your pores along the way.

The whole process begins with a pineapple enzyme scrub that works as an exfoliator, doing  away with skin debris and restoring its glow. This is followed up by light therapy, a process that helps contains anti-bacterial and pore-shrinking benefits and works from beneath the skin.

The rest of the whole treatment continues to purify your skin by introducing collagen into your system, re-texturizing your skin, and buffering it to a shine… the right kind of shine.


Read more: Skinimalism is set to be the biggest trend in skincare this year!

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