Everything comes with a price. Some prices are literal in the monetary sense, while others come at the cost of a sensation we actually feel – pain.

In the pursuit of everlasting youth, many have spent money on trying to look better with age, and while the results are mixed at best, most people can agree that paying more for less pain is a good trade-off.

This is a guide for all of you with low-to-zero pain thresholds, the ones who freeze in their tracks at the mention of a needle or a laser. Here are some commonly observed symptoms of aging, and the painless solutions that come along with it.


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Sagging Skin

For the many who believe the sagging of the skin is inevitable once past a certain age, you have been grossly misinformed.

Sagging is caused by the loss of density in your skin due to your body’s declining rate of collagen and elastin production. A variety of factors like overexposure to the sun and dehydration can cause this, but all problems come with a set of solutions.

Minimizing the exposure of your skin to the sun with sunscreen is one way to stunt the process of sagging skin. Adopting and keeping to a regime of applying a day and night cream to start and end your day will do wonders to repel the pull of gravity on the skin too.


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Dark Eye Circles/Eye Bags

We are often so overly concerned about the blemishes and acne that are more prominent on our face, we do not realize the beginnings of that dark cloud that is forming under our eyes, bearing bags of burden visible upon closer inspection.

Dark eye circles and eye bags are the results of sleep deprivation, where your body has inadequate time to repair itself and your skin eventually becomes dull and pale, causing dark tissues and blood vessels to become visible.

Eyebags are a result of normal fat that helps to support the eye falling victim to the pull of gravity and settling under the eye. Fluid also tends to settle under the eye, adding to the swelling effect.

More people suffer from eye circles and eye bags than you know, and for that purpose, eye-specific treatments for dark eye circles and eye bags have been formulated to tackle these issues.

The Eye Fabulosity program by SW1 Spa is one of those eye circle and eye bag fighting treatments you can undergo, to rejuvenate the skin under your eyes and get rid of the signs of distress that are so evident on your face.

A generous re-introduction of hyaluronic acid to your undereye area reboots the repair mode of the skin, and accelerates its healing process, effectively removing the discoloration and reducing puffiness.


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You Look Great In Those Genes

The science of aging is not really complex at all. The aging process starts where it all began – our DNA.

We are all made up of a cluster of unique chromosomes, with everyone having a different set of them. This is how we are all special…quite literally.

Within each chromosome lies the strands of DNA, and within each strand lies the genes that dictate how we look, think and feel. To effectively tackle the problem of aging, there is no better place to start, than where it all began.

Formulated from Nobel-winning research, Gene Therapy is the DNA-correcting serum that rids all signs of aging with enzymes that remove damaged strands of DNA and replace them with new ones, significantly revitalizing your appearance.

While this serum works its magic on the inside, it pulls its weight on the outside as well. This product doubles up as a defensive shield from the sun and environmental stressors, saving your skin from photodamage.


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