One of the customary preparations we make to usher in the Chinese New Year apart from shopping, is getting our hair done.

A little blow dry for volume, chemical treatment to restore shine, and re-dyeing the roots that are growing out are some of the things on our to (hair)do list.

Another thing to really note, with the help of your hairdresser is the state of your scalp and the likelihood of premature hair loss. This question needs to be asked more than any other one, because we wouldn’t really know if we’re losing hair unless someone who treats it tells us so.

And if we really are, there is no time to waste when it comes to handling it.


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It Begins in the Shower

On average, men and women alike lose 50-100 strands of hair per day. You are not required to painstakingly count the amount of hair you lose per day, because the amount of hair that pools in your drainage area in your shower can tell you quite the telling tale.

If you’re using a super-foamy shampoo for your hair, chuck it. Your shampoo product contains Sodium or Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS & ALS), the contributor of the generous amount of foam.

These chemicals cause damage to the hair follicles due to their potency, which can result in hair loss.

If you happen to be using shampoo that stings when it gets into your eye, it is caused by Sodium Chloride, better known as table salt. The salt content can dry up your scalp and cause it to itch, which leads to… well you know.

Time to check that back of the label! And massage some follicle-stimulating hair strengthening serum after your shower to strengthen damaged hair and increase volume.


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Tying and Dying

If you’re a fan of tying up your hair or styling it extensively, you might also be losing hair at a rate that should be cause for concern.

Instead of making sure all hairs are in place, or your curls are bouncy or voluminous enough, up your level of observation and look for any signs of your part widening, or more skin on your scalp when you pull it back to tie it up.

These are usually symptoms of a receding hairline, borne from the stress the hair follicles go through when you pull back your hair, or the chemicals and heat your scalp undergoes when you dye or perm your hair in excess.

You’ve heard of facial spa treatments before, but if you haven’t heard of hair spa treatments like Revitascalp, you’re in for a treat.

Consisting of an area-specific blast of meticulously curated nutrients for your problem scalp areas, this non-invasive procedure gives your widening hair parting and exposed scalp a fighting chance against a more severe state of hair loss.

Clocking in at a very brief 40 minutes, this is a zero-downtime procedure that you can indulge in during your lunchtime, or pretty much anytime.

This is a preventive measure you can take, to prevent the need for a cure.


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Take Notice, Take Action

The couple of points mentioned above are normally a part of our daily grind we do not pay special attention to. Taking notice right now might be a good way to start the preventive ball rolling.

If you’re already in the thick of the hair-loss process, worry not. There is a clinic that is dedicated just to caring for your follicular woes.

All is not lost – but I’d suggest you start caring now.


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