First, we got Vine, and then came the dog-face loving Snapchat, and now that these social media viral phenoms have been laid to rest, a new king has risen to claim the throne…Tik Tok.

Made famous by possibly some celebrity bored out of her wits during the lockdown, Tik Tok is now a billion-dollar money machine, with its throes of global followers setting and following trends, from the funnily fascinating to the abhorrently absurd.

We’re here today to talk about some of the absurd ones…namely the ones your Tik Tok idols are telling you to do to your face.


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Tr(end) Number 1: The Sunscreen ‘Hack’ 

This sunscreen ‘trick’ making the rounds on Tik Tok involves applying sunscreen to only the cheekbones and the sides of the nose, so as to get a ‘natural contour’ from the sun.

Do you know that the sun is the leading cause of skin cancer and one of the primary reasons for accelerated aging? By avoiding your cheeks and the rest of your face, you are exposing yourself to some serious damage.

Don’t even bother doing this for the ‘gram, or so people will flock to your ‘tok. G2:et some Grade A sun protection, and preferably for every exposed part of your body!


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Tr(end) Number 2: Homemade Face Scrubs  

No, you don’t want no (homemade) scrubs. Especially if the Tik Tok instructional videos are asking you to include baking soda as one of the ingredients in your magical concoction.

Baking soda a very harsh agent that disrupts the pH of your skin, which can lead to soreness, redness, and uncomfortably tight skin – not the good kind of tight skin I can assure you.

Make your own juice, your own meal, make your own fate, but leave sensitive stuff like facial scrubs that might disfigure you in the hands of the pros.

There is a slew of multi-functional facial toners out there at your disposal, and they definitely cost less than the damage control you’d need after your DIY facial scrub goes south.


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Tr(end) Number 3: St Ives Skincare Exfoliators  

St Ives is a known skincare brand in beauty circles… but for all the wrong reasons. There is a plethora of Tik Tok videos of people that are showcasing how this product actually causes tears in the skin upon usage.

This is also partly due to the abnormally high concentration of fragrance that are in the products. Products that are high in fragrance contain a chemical known as Phthalates that may cause rashes or redness in the skin.

Tik Tok influencers have classified this product as an absolute ‘NO-NO’ in their videos, and we believe it.

Exfoliators are meant to ‘scrub’ all of the gunk on your face, but they can be gentle in doing so. Products like the Gold Flakes Illuminating Facial Scrub are perfect for dermal buffing because of the gold flakes that are gentle for your skin, and does what it’s supposed to do too.


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End These Trends, Just Watch the Funny Videos



I could really go on and on about other skincare nightmares that are making the rounds on Tik Tok like coffee power scrubs and jade rollers, but that will mean we’ll be here for a while.

I get on Tik Tok when I’m bored and need a good laugh, and that is what it’s supposed to be. When it comes to skincare, it is best to trust the professionals and the establishments that are tested and proven.

Remember: Tik Tok is supposed to be fun and good for a laugh, and definitely not a skincare almanac!


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