Collagen is to skincare like how the Queen is to England. A word mentioned so freely in the world of skincare and wellness, it’s as if everything starts and ends with collagen – and so it just might be.

The largely female population widely believes in the skin-nourishing qualities of collagen, and beauty brands worldwide are scrambling to incorporate this special element into their products, to keep up with the competition and cope with the increasing demand.

What exactly is it about collagen, and why is it so revered by everyone who cares about their skin?


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 They’re the “building blocks” of your skin.

All the various cells, parts and systems in your body need to be held together by an adhesive of sorts, and collagen is that adhesive that holds it all together and gives it structure.

The most abundant protein that’s in our body, collagen is all about strength and connection; it holds everything together, most particularly your skin.

This is the reason why the tightness and suppleness of your skin are relative to how much collagen is available in your system. Coming of age signals the slowing down of collagen production, so you might need an accelerant of sorts to prevent your skin from succumbing to gravity.

Products like Unicorn Tears keep the collagen-churning machine in your purring in mint condition, while protecting you from the elements of the environment.


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You can replenish your own collagen levels.

As previously mentioned, the amount of collagen your body produces will start to dwindle as you get on in years.

In fact, after the age of 25, we lose an estimated 1% of collagen each year, more if we do not take care of ourselves. The bulk of our tell-tale signs of aging is inherent from our dipping collagen levels.

The good news is, the amino acids that make collagen in our body can be found in protein-rich food like beef, chicken, beans, and eggs. Vitamin C you can find in fruits, greens, and peppers also significantly contribute to the production of collagen.

One lesser-known item you can consume to increase your collagen level can be found in the bones of beef, venison, or poultry.

Increase your inner collagen by upping the intake of the aforementioned foods, and wash it down with a very rich, steamy bowl of soup boiled with authentic chicken broth – not the instant ones, mind you!


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Some procedures can greatly stimulate collagen production.

DIY methods of boosting collagen in your body do work to a certain extent, but you need a huge dose of discipline and patience to see the results.

If you belong in the post-40 bracket of the age spectrum, you might not be able to afford the time to watch your new dietary habits bear fruit.

Say thank you to science, because advances in aesthetic technology have made the stimulation of collagen production stronger and faster…way faster.

One such procedure that is fast gaining traction is Ultherapy, once touted as the “ultimate beauty secret” in aesthetic circles in Singapore.

This FDA approved procedure is akin to a non-invasive facelift, but extremely efficient in the jumpstarting of collagen production from within, by way of ultrasound technology.

While your body starts producing collagen-like you’re 20 again, the aging that you wear in the form of wrinkles and fine lines also start to disappear owing to Ultherapy, making you look and feel young again.

So have your fill of collagen whichever way you want it – the options are aplenty.


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