I was recently watching a movie called Swordfish on Netflix that starred Halle Berry that dated back to 2001. Other than being enamored by her beauty, I realized how immaculate her skin looked (yes, it’s the makeup I know…but still!).

It then occurred to me that I last saw her in John Wick 3 (2019), which was 2 years ago, and I realized that she looked like she has not aged A SINGLE BIT- in 18 years.

Absolutely dumbfounded, I then set on a quest to uncover all of the secrets of celebrities like Halle Berry who don’t even find age a number at all: they don’t even know what it is.


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Halle Berry

The first celebrity whose anti-aging secrets I am going to uncover is of course, the time-stopping Halle Berry.

At 54 years old, I have met 34-year olds who look older than her. Some say it’s just good genes, but these good genes only contribute to her beauty, and that beauty definitely needs upkeep.

According to Halle, the secret to her youth, other than the usual regular exercising and proper dieting, is facial mists.

Halle professes that she swears by her facial mists, even on off-shoot days, because facial mists not only rejuvenates and moisturizes her skin, it gives the skin a dewy disposition, especially when spritzed before makeup, something she always does.

She is also a HUGE fan of face masks and uses it very frequently, as seen by her selfie on Instagram with the caption “When in doubt, face masks are EVERYTHING.”.


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Sandra Bullock

I became a huge fan of 56-year-old Sandra Bullock and has been ever since, after her turn as a heroic passenger-turned-bus-driver that saved a busload of passengers in Speed, a 1994 film.

In writing that, I might have also revealed how ancient I am. Oh well.

Besides being a fan of Miss Congeniality herself, I am also a fan of how gracefully she has aged since. She has kinda taken a break from acting since 2018, but I have watched both Birdbox and Ocean’s Eight, and boy, is her skin looking anti-gravitational in both these films.

The PEOPLE’s 2015 World’s Most Beautiful Woman’s one secret other than her regular facials and fitness routines is exfoliation.

Sandra (I’ve been a fan for so long, we’re on a first-name basis now) makes it a point to exfoliate once a week, not more or less, to liberate her “clogged pores from pollution and oils”.

She believes that too much dermal buffing can be harmful to her skin, and with her looking the way she is while pushing 60, who are we to disagree?


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Jessica Alba

Some of us are struggling with crow’s feet at the age of 32, all Jessica Alba probably struggles with is how no one believes she is 40 this year, and a mother of 3.

Believe it or not, Jessica Alba has actually been very open about her struggles with acne, dry skin and sensitive skin – like we’ll be able to tell.

She also believes that “a lot of acne products out there really strip the skin” and are a little too harsh on her sensitive skin.

So how did she get out of the woods with her slew of skin issues? Retinol-rich products and LED Light Therapy, that’s how!

Retinol-rich products can increase the production of collagen, which improves the state of sensitive and acne-prone skin and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, while the LED Light Therapy that Jessica undergoes closes up the enlarged pores caused by acne and give her skin that red carpet glow – on and off it.

Who knew all of these ‘secrets’ to the perpetual youth of these celebrities were right under our noses all the time?

Well, now you do.


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