Between the race of anti-aging products and the rate of our aging, there always seems to be a perpetual winner – we always seem to age faster than the copious amounts of anti-aging products we apply to our skin.

It’s almost like making a wish to roll back the years at the stroke of 11:11 – those things you wish for never ever come true.

We’re either being grossly misled by false advertising – or maybe we’re just in dire need of some personal – and professional intervention.


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All’s Fair In War


One of the fundamental steps to take as you embark on your quest to aging with elegance is to keep the cruel pull of gravity from stretching out your skin.

As you get on in years, your body’s ability to produce natural elastin and collagen greatly diminish. With elastin and collagen being the key ingredients to younger and plumper skin, you will start to realize what goes up, will eventually come down.

Constant exposure to the sun also greatly exacerbates the process of skin sagging. Exposing your skin to the powerful rays of the sun day in, day out will severely lower your elastin and collagen count, dealing another lethal blow to your once-supple skin.

With all these odds stacked against you, it is pretty evident this war can’t be won alone. We recommend SW1’s Unicorn Tears, a water-based, dual-purpose miracle worker that recharges and revitalizes skin cells.

Ingredients like tranexamic acid and retinol also ensure that your skin is kept fair, smooth, and supple… like silk.

That is just what you can do on your end to mildly stunt the growth of inevitable aging… let us maybe leave the rest to the professionals, who actually make the science of youth preservation their lives’ work.


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Live-In Skin That’s New


One of the things that you’ll miss during your age of innocence, is that spring in your skin, which also brings about that spring in your step.

Because of the loss of efficiency in collagen production, your skin loses the elasticity and the plumpness that once ascertained your youth, and that is when gravity starts to win that battle against your skin.

The only way to preserve that youth is via this skin remodeling treatment known as (no prizes here), Youth Preserve.

Utilizing a leading-age technology signed off by scientists in the field known as Profhilo, Youth Preserve’s beauty lies in its unique ability to stimulate and restructure the reconstruction of your skin cells by way of the purest form of Hyaluronic Acid, a component that actually already exists in your body, but ebbs significantly with age.

Boosting the amount of Hyaluronic Acid basically gives you the ability to produce collagen at the rate of a 25-year old. Targeting 5 specific points of aggressive aging on the face and clocking in under an hour, looking 5 years younger is pretty much a record-setting anti-aging process.


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Low Downtime, High Yield


We live in a very fast-paced and hectic environment, with very little time for respite. Deadlines to meet, social commitments to fulfill, quotas to hit.

The need to accomplish everything within a stipulated time forces us to adapt, and look for workarounds and quick-fixes to alleviate the pressure.

Keeping up with beauty regimes might be generally a long-running process with results only visible over time and religious upkeep, but there are a few exceptions to this rule.

One of the most sought-after in the line of no-frills, low-downtime beauty treatments, Ultherapy is worth a more-than-worthy honorable mention. Endorsed by the likes of local celebrities like Joanne Peh, who easily passes off as a 27-year old instead of her actual 37 years, this FDA-approved ultrasound-based treatment gaining the traction it truly deserves in local beauty circles.

Not only is Ultherapy a non-invasive procedure clocking in under an hour, but this no-downtime procedure also tackles even the more obscure skin issues like crows’ feet, droopy eyelids, and sagging of the cheeks.

The clincher? You barely feel a pinch, with the introduction of numbing agents, and there is absolutely NO downtime.

You’re literally good to glow, the moment you step out of this procedure. Consider your never-ending race against aging, comprehensively won!


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