Much like the day before and the first day of CNY, it is common tradition for families to gather on the last day of the occasion to have a feast, to celebrate the end of this important festive period.

There is no specific guideline for what kind of feast to have, but the Chinese believe that having glutinous rice balls as dessert is necessary and highly encouraged, because the roundness of the balls signifies the togetherness of a family – and also my figure after 15 days of uninhibited feasting.

I have DEFINITELY gained some weight during this period, according to my jeans. Lucky for me, one of my closest friends is the marketing manager of a renowned aesthetics establishment in Singapore. I naturally had to ask her out for coffee… and some weight-losing advice.


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According to her, sometimes the stuff that we eat can be embroiled in some sort of a tussle with our digestive system. When the digestive system struggles to efficiently break down the food that you’ve ingested, it causes a “jam” of sorts in the digestive process.

This is when the feeling of bloated-ness sets in. You will constantly find yourself burping, feeling full even before meals, and worst of all, your clothes start to feel tighter, like you’ve put on a significant amount of weight.

The good news is, you are not actually putting on weight. Your body is just struggling to expel the toxins from your meals via bowel movement. In more severe cases, you could be constipated.

Bowel regulators like the Daily Cleanse contain au naturel herbal ingredients that optimize digestion, and regulate your bowel movement.

This supplement not only clears that jam and all that bottled up gas in your digestive system, it also helps to support the liver and kidneys in removing toxins from the body.

Pair the Daily Cleanse with a product like the Purification 1-Day Cleanse, a supplement that conveniently combines all the steps required for a detox, saving you a load of time, without any hassle of altering your diet.


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Taking a Jab at that Appetite

Other than recommending me a supplement called Totally Thin (currently sold out) that contains natural green tea extracts to rev up natural metabolism and burn calories more efficiently if I were to ever haul my chunky behind by to the gym, she also asked if I was open to the idea of taking a ‘Skinny Jab‘.

I’ve never really been afraid of needles because I have tattoos, but the idea of losing weight via jabs really piqued my curiosity, especially coming from my friend who is absolutely terrified of needles. She has personally tried it, so that further amazed me.

So this Skinny Jab contains a clever FDA-approved replica of a hormone that regulates our hunger known as glucagon-like-peptide (GLP-1). A dose of this under the skin in the upper arm, abdomen, or thigh area basically doubles the content of this hormone, making you half as hungry as you are, or requiring only half a helping of anything you eat to feel full, in layman’s terms.

Now that sounds like quite the idea to me: I get to pay for one meal, and have them as two separate meals. And I’ll also never over-order and try to finish everything again with this Skinny Jab.

My wallet will thank me for this!


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The Express Lane

I was telling her about trying not to make your Spanx relevant again, but needing to if this goes on, and she also proceeded to recommend me some non-invasive and fuss-free methods to go about achieving that.

The Onda Body Magic utilizes electromagnetic waves to reduce and permanently destroy localized fat deposits in a safe and relatively pain-free manner, resulting in long-lasting results.

I was in relatively good shape pre-new year, but I know it is going to be hard to shed the fat in stubborn areas of my body. For this, the Magnetic Muscle Sculpt program leads the charge to those washboard abs by way of FMS.

Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) is a technology that utilizes elector-magnets to stimulate the motor neurons in the midriff, resulting in the contraction of muscle, making it tighter and more visible to the body.

Repeated sessions of this procedure will result in the obvious. Obvious as in the increased visibility of those abs you’re hiding under your torso.

Sliding into my Spanx just to get into that figure-hugging dress shouldn’t be much of an issue now – who knows, I might not even need them at all soon!

P.S. For that free ‘consultation’, her coffee and cheesecake (which I DID NOT have any of) were on me – of course. I’m not a monster!


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