One of the most unwelcome sights that greet you when you shower might be the clumps of hair that clog up your toilet drain.

Most might feign ignorance and assume it’s your mother or sister’s hair that’s doing all the clogging, but you’re only lying to yourself if there is not a seed of dread that it might be yours.

There are many measures we take to ensure our hair stays in pristine condition, but what if I told you these particular measures are fast-tracking the loss of your hair?


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 Shampooing and Conditioning

Alright, this one’s a damned if you ‘poo, and damned if you don’t kind of situation.

The truth is, shampooing and conditioning too infrequently can cause your scalp to be too oily and clog up your follicles, causing hair to fall.

Doing this too frequently though can also cause the loss of hair, because the harsh chemical composition of these products can chip away at the protective barrier of your scalp and leave it exposed to wear and tear.

One defensive stance to take is to avoid shampoos and conditioners that contain Sulfates, Parabens, or fragrances. Pairing your hair washing routine with a Strengthening and Rejuvenating Serum that restores the nutrients can help as well.


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Dyeing a Slow Death

It’s not uncommon to see women with dyed hair more vibrant that the colors of the galaxy. The shock factor might make you stand out in the crowd… but at what cost?

To achieve your baby blue or hot pink hair, bleaching of the hair is usually required.

While the addition of color to the hair gives it the illusion of volume, the bleaching requirement that comes with it is not the kindest to your hair.

The chemicals involved in the bleaching of the hair severely damages the cuticle and makes the hair fibers more prone to breakage.

If you’re dyeing your hair to stand out from the crowd and also to achieve that volume that will make you look majestic in selfies, safeguard yourself with this new product in the market, aptly named Voluminate.

This is a nourishing hair wash that contains two star ingredients: Minoxidil and Gingko Biloba. Minoxidil is an FDA-approved ingredient known for its potency to aggressively stimulate hair growth, which you might need from the loss of hair from bleaching.

Gingko Biloba on the other hand is a herbal supplement that promotes the blood circulation of the scalp and the revival of dead hair follicles.

With Voluminate, you can get the color, volume, and the shine that you want for your hair, sans the loss.


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Can’t Take the Heat

Curling, rebonding, and blow-drying of the hair are also very commonly practiced amongst women… and that also happens to be one of the leading causing of hair loss.

Overexposure of heat damages the protective barrier that your scalp against environmental elements and heading out after overheating your scalp with your curling irons, hairdryers and straighteners just means one thing: twice the amount of follicular damage.

It is strongly advised to consult with your hairdresser frequently on the condition of your scalp, and your friendly aesthetician for a therapeutic dosage of scalp revitalization to replenish the lost nutrients and refortify that barrier you might have damaged with hot, hot, heat.


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