Let us cut to the chase: this whole “good gene pool’’ rationale that everyone goes by when explaining someone with immaculate skin is frankly, a bunch of hogwash

I believe we were all genetically wired to look different, but how good we want to look… now THAT is totally well within our control.

Good skin is not inherited; they’re cultivated. Let us look at some choice ways to cultivate that.


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In All Fairness

Fair skin has always been one of those quintessential beauty goals yearned by many, if not all.

Giving Snow White a run for her money also means another thing your skin has been well and truly protected from the aging and damaging UV rays of the sun… or maybe you’re a vampire.

While the usual go-to for sun protection comes from sunblock/sunscreen (the highest SPF, of course), but here’s a little-known fact about sunblock: the reports of high SPF providing maximum protection have been greatly exaggerated.

Extensive research on the coverage of these products has revealed a maximum SPF protection of only 30, with the duration of protection for each application is a measly 2 hours.

That pretty much explains why you’re still taking damage from the sun, even with protection.


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Keeping it Up

Being subjected to sun damage does more than darken your skin. The sun can dehydrate and cause your skin to crinkle and wrinkle faster than it should, or accelerate sebum to a point where your pores get clogged (acne) or enlarged (pockmarks).

And while all of that is happening, the UV rays are incessantly chipping away at your collagen levels, which only means that not only will you be a victim of one or more signs a) wrinkles, b) fine lines, c) acne, d) pockmarks… you now have saggy skin to add to the blacklist.


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Beyond the Surface

While most skincare products serve their purposes of protecting your skin from the outside, the best way to nip all these problems is in the bud – and go straight for the genes.

Some new products have recently entered the beauty and wellness fray, armed with the intent to change the complexion (pun intended) of skincare for the better, and from the inside out.

One such product is the Heliocare Oral. Having snagged the Women’s Weekly award last year for best Oral Supplement for Sun Protection, it’s a shame that this product isn’t getting the attention it duly deserves.

Heliocare is essentially supercharged sunblock that you can eat. Containing sophisticated and patented ingredients that transcend the capped SPF most topical sunblock lotions have, and provides all-day protection, instead of re-application every 2 hours. It doesn’t just keep your skin protected; it brings out the radiance from your skin from within.

Another product that works its magic from the inside is aptly named Gene Therapy.

With genes being the reason we look and age the way we do, a little bit of TLC in that direction can only do it good.

Borne from Nobel Prize-winning technology, this youth elixir works by repairing the damaged DNA strands in our gene pool that weather with time and the environmental stressors, replacing them with newer ones and greatly improving the condition of our skin.

Consider your pores un-larged, acne cleared, wrinkles ironed out, and youth restored with these DIY keys to great skin.

Not really much work, if you think about it!


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