Lips are barely ever involved in the conversation of anti-aging. The emphasis is always skewed towards the eyes, forehead, and everything else but.

It is therefore important to steer the conversation back in the right direction, and note that the volume and definition lost in your lips as you get on in years and the lines that appear around your mouth are very telling signs of aging.

Loss in volume and lines around the lips are predominantly caused by dryness, environmental contamination, and lifestyle choices (smoking). In more severe cases, discoloration of your lips might even occur, giving your lips an unpleasant shade of gray over red. They don’t sell that shade of lipstick anywhere, trust me.


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Look Good, Filler Good


Another thing age and neglect do to our lips: thinning. Usually, a process preferred for your waistline, nature has a funny way of messing with us sometimes.

Thinning lips are the result of the cruel pull of gravity, and your body’s faltering ability to produce collagen, one of the key components in keeping your lips moist and plump in your younger days.

The lack of volume can also severely cripple your options when it comes to dolling yourself up. Applying lipstick on your lips might look nothing more than a neat little oval of red on your face, sans the volume.

Fillers have the ability to customize the ideal shape and volume of your lips to your desired liking, or as recommended by professionals. You’ll be surprised to see how many types of lips there actually are. “Full” is just a general option.

Revitalift Lips – The less invasive, no-downtime distant cousin of Botox for your lips, this treatment uses microinjections of hyaluronic acid to plump up dull, chapped, and lined lips, giving them the luscious boost you need for that gala event or that first date tonight.




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The Kind of Lip Service You Need


I’ve just spoken about all the horror stories that can possibly originate from your lips or the area around them.

These are not myths or urban legends that are awaiting a bunch of people to debunk; these things WILL happen to you if you do not give your lips more time of day.

If you are one of the lucky few out there who have been made aware of the condition of your lips, you hold the very sacred opportunity of being able to prevent deflated, discolored, and dry lips.

Lip Fabulosity is the complete overhaul that your lips need as your shield from the cold, cruel vice-like grip of age.

Often a neglected part of your skincare regime, this treatment makes up for all the lost time, combining the use of fruit enzymes to remove lip-staining agents to restore your lips to the right shade of crimson, and pout-softening ingredients to hydrate and cleanse your lips from the inside out.

Be that name on everyone’s lips – start with yours.


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