Sometimes we pay too much attention to something, we fail to realize how much we’ve been neglecting stuff we didn’t know mattered.

Speaking in the context of skincare, almost all of us are guilty of pampering our face in excess for fear of aging. We spare no expense trying to age-proof, we often fail to notice how much one area is aging aggressively – our necks.

The skin spread throughout our body varies in density, and the area around our neck happens to be one of the thinnest, also meaning the most susceptible to sagging and creasing.

Can you even imagine a flawless complexion… with a turkey neck? That’s a scene straight out of a horror movie there.

Here’s what you can do, before that turkey neck creeps up on you.


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Plaster that Platysma


One of the most prominent signs of aging happens around the neck and centers around the platysma, a muscle that distends your skin and pulls it downward and laterally, like a rubber band connecting your jaw to your neck.

With time and gravity, these bands start to show more prominently as they lose density and tautness, leading to the famed turkey neck we all do not want to have.

What your platysma muscles need to stay firm and taut is a dose of botulinum, via the Nefertiti Facelift.

If you thought Botox was only meant to keep the face firm and supple, now you know it serves the same function for the neck. A minuscule injection of that into the platysma muscle, and it’ll fade right back into obscurity, where it rightfully belongs.


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Fighting Age With Thermage

If you harbor an abject fear of injections, the advent in aesthetic technology has got your back, because there are non-invasive solutions to fight the sag in your neck too.

One such procedure is the Thermage, a surgery-free and downtime-free procedure that tightens and smoothens your face using just radiofrequency waves.

These waves penetrate deep into the skin to stimulate collagen production, resulting in the tightening and contouring of the treatment – in this instance the neck.


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Another famed celebrity-endorsed facial treatment that will work wonders for your neck is the Ultherapy, another breakthrough non-surgical tightening and lifting procedure.

Ultrasound energy enters the fray in lieu of radiofrequency this time, as controlled waves of medical ultrasound energy is introduced via an applicator to the affected area, leaving the outer layers of dermis unharmed and getting to work deep under the layers of your skin.

The difference between Thermage and Ultherapy? The use of Ultrasound as an ‘x-ray’ for the skin for more comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, which also gives the result added longevity.


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Neck Serum

Your daily and nightly skincare regimen might already be complex as it is, but you won’t regret adding this one extra step to it.

After pampering your face with your day and night creams, show your neck a little love with the Gold Oil Retinol Anti-Aging Neck Treatment.

A gentle, fragrant oil made with organic ingredients curated for the delicate and thin skin around your neck, this product hydrates and repairs signs of aging like sagging and necklines with its lethal retinol and organic combo, giving it the same kind of attention it deserves as the face.

Added bonus: This product is making the rounds for another reason – its therapeutic fragrance has been reported to lull its users into deep slumber. No complaints about that!


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