If you’re one of pretty much everyone who’s been stricken with the K-drama fever, you’ll have noticed that apart from the flawless complexions of these Korean drama stars, they have the most perfectly-sculpted noses that sit in perfect proportion with their V-shaped faces.

This is when you start to get really conscious of your nose, and upon a check in the mirror, you conclude that you have a nose that is bigger than your face. And it’s crooked.

And you’ll never be beautiful, ever again.

Before you decide you’re never stepping out of your house again, relax. The perfect nose for your face is way within your reach – and you won’t even have to get cut up for it.


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The (Nose) Bridge to Perfection

How to Get the Perfect Nose Contour

With rhinoplasty procedures on the rise in Asia, the perfect nose is more likely to be created in a clinic, than by God. However, along with this rise, there is an even bigger surge in the demand for non-surgical nose enhancement techniques. Why?

Traditionally, only women with very flat or button noses sought our cosmetic correction.

These days, however, women with noses of all shapes and sizes also recognize that while they do not fall into the ‘flat nose’ category, their noses are far from ideal and that while they may not necessarily want to go under the knife, they would certainly be open to the idea of some non-surgical enhancement that registers way lower on the pain and risk scale.

Here are a couple of ways you can beautify your nose so that you instantly look more attractive without looking artificial.


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Nose fillers

The Benefits of Nose Threads and Nose Fillers

Dermal fillers for the nose are typically made from 100% pure hyaluronic acid. They are administered via a needle or a cannula to enhance the nose bridge and tip of the nose. They can last anywhere from 8-12 months, and cost from USD$600-1200.

Fillers for the nose bridge was the first aesthetic treatment on the market that enabled noses to be elevated, defined, and sculpted.

With over a decade of history, fillers for the noses have also undergone subtle tweaks and improvements so that the consistency of the filler now more closely matches that of nasal cartilage—firmer.

The real draw with this procedure is that it can be done with injections, and there is little to no downtime after the procedure.

It can also be used to correct imperfections such as humps and bumps on the nose bridge, making it perfect for those who want a smoother profile.

Best of all, nose fillers can be dissolved away should you desire a return to your original form. This means that it can be good for those who are unsure about the procedure and would like to give it a try, so to speak, without any permanent consequences.


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Nose Thread lifts

What are Nose Thread lifts? - Singapore Beauty

New age thread lifts are made from 100% bio-absorbable collagen threads which break down over time. They are placed under the skin through injections. They can last anywhere from 8-16 months, and depending on the number of threads used, they can cost anywhere from USD$1400-2000.

Threadlift have only recently come into prominence, even though it has been around for many years. Available for various parts of the face like the neck, cheek, and chin, nose thread lifts are great for people who want their noses to look much sharper and lifted, as the threads hold the shape better than fillers they can deliver a much more sculpted appearance.

The only downside is that nose thread lifts are less good at correcting humps and bumps. The second downside is that it is not as easily reversible compared to fillers. Having said that, this is fast becoming a popular option due to its longevity (over a year), safety (it uses 100% bioabsorbable threads), and exquisite results.

Whichever option you choose, either or a combination of the two in a new procedure known as 3D Nose Lift, it is essential to look for the right doctor who has many years of experience in doing this. While risks are minimal in the right hands, there is always a chance of adverse events especially when undertaken in the wrong hands.


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