The golden age of selfies: where it’s the norm to be narcissistic, and your phone prompts you of low disk space because of all the selfies in your photo gallery.

Everybody wants to look good for social media, but it’s proven to be quite the chore, because selfie-taking is an art, and sometimes art looks good and at times it just looks… abstract.

The selfie exposes quite a number of flaws if your phone is angled wrongly, but the worst of all evils is undoubtedly the double chin.


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Chin-credible Tales

It truly is horrific – when a stray thumb accidentally activates your phone camera and you’re looking down on it, or when you forget to tilt your face to flatter/or flatten it.

Layers of flesh that are usually tucked away under your chin are exposed in all its gory, as you further realize that they’re loose and sagging a little.

The dreaded double chin does not just happen to the plump or obese; it is also present in most of the average build. People who are underweight are probably the ones who get to dodge this bullet.

All it takes is one wrong pose and one picture you’re unknowingly tagged in, and that double chin can take center stage in a baaaaaaaad way.


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Double chins are not just a result of weight gain. It can be due to common, inevitable factors like aging. When the skin around the chin starts to get loose over time, it loses its ability to firmly hold up the fat around it, causing it to sag prominently.

As you struggle to lose weight due to weakened metabolism over time, the weight gain and saggy skin could make things way worse for you.

That accidentally bad selfie might just serve as a deterrence for you to pay a little more attention to the chin.

While aesthetic technology has made great strides in making liposuction possible in areas like the chin and also elevating the comfort level of the whole procedure, there will be many who will balk at the thought of being subjected to the scalpel.

Truth is, surgery is reserved for the more severe, advanced cases of a double chin.

Most of us just require more of something like the 24k Chin Up or Sygma Lift, completely painless procedures that uses ultrasound technology to sculpt and tighten lower facial contours.

While both these are touted as ‘remodeling’ treatments for the face, the Sygma Lift is actually more versatile, because it not only tucks in that excess baggage on the chin.

The intense ultrasound energy that is introduced to your skin also shapes your jawline and stimulates collagen production, giving you the V-shaped face most people pay exorbitant amounts of money to go under the knife for.

No more multiple takes, no more editing apps, no more wrong angles. You won’t need to scare yourself again – ever.


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