It’s tough not to ponder at times: how a close-up frame of celebrities pushing 50 can look so flawless and reveal next to nothing, on a giant theater screen.

I get carried away with that thought sometimes as well, at the cost of losing the plot. What are celebrities like Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lopez doing to their faces to keep it so… taut and devoid of the perpetual sag of a normal lady pushing 50?

How good are their plastic surgeons or skincare products? Was the procedure bloody and how many sharp objects were involved?

A little bit of snooping around on the world wide web finally revealed the secret to the longevity of their youth.


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Ulthera Motive

The new, non-invasive equivalent of a facelift that has been receiving tons of celebrity punditry in Hollywood is known as Ulthera – Ultherapy if you feel like it.

As much as these stars have us going gaga over their skin, some of the facelift results before this new procedure in Tinseltown have also been more…. haha than gaga.

Botched, painful aesthetic are (many) dimes a dozen in the city of angels, so much so they’ve got a TV program dedicated specifically to it. No prizes for guessing the title of the show though (it’s called Botched).

Facelifts can of course still be successful if performed in the hands of experienced aestheticians, but the risk of not achieving the desired results is there too; the stakes are just too high where invasive procedures are too concerned.


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So… What IS Ulthera?

This FDA approved, newly minted procedure already gets our attention with the fact that it does not involve the use of a scalpel normally required for a facelift procedure – but its results far transcend that of the facelift.

Ulthera calls upon the rarely-hear of prowess of ultrasound to incite the process of skin lifting, which explains the redundancy of brandishing the knives.

The ultrasound penetrates well below the surface of the skin where it matters the most and accelerates and enhances the production of collagen, which naturally starts to slow down with age.

This all-important process is carried out all while not harming the outer layers of the skin at all, further contributing to the longevity of the results.

Where a facelift just does exactly what it’s said to do, Ulthera throws tightening of the skin into the mix, ironing out any fine lines or wrinkles that you may wear on your face.

All of these added benefits, at a fraction of the pain and price point – it’s not really a wonder why Ultherapy has easily hit the home run amongst the rich and the famous in Hollywood.

Celebrities are only human after all; there’s a bargain hunter in all of us.


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Going Global

A simple tweet, Instagram post, or a brief statement from a Hollywood celebrity can really set things off worldwide… all the way to our little red dot right here.

The technology of Ultherapy has been brought over to Singapore and pioneered by the doctors of SW1 Clinic, where it has been approved by the local FDA for the treatment of the upper face, and fast gaining the traction it duly deserves.

Putting your youth in the hands of experienced professionals who know what they are doing is of paramount importance above all, and to the ladies who are looking to do more than lift their face and an abject fear of sharp objects, fret not- the cavalry has arrived.


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