There are too many things to worry about as we get older.

We worry about the lines that are starting to get more prominent around our eyes or our forehead, how the weight we’re struggling to lose is going to all the wrong places, we worry about our complexion and our period-related acne breakouts…

But we sometimes forget to worry about how our jawline fading away from us… along with our precious youth.


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Facing the Facts

As we age and struggle to lose the pounds (and not for the lack of trying) due to ebbing metabolism, it’s natural for us to be concerned about how our face is getting rounder.

Now that is one cause for concern, but the other is actually how your jawline is disappearing, making you not only look plumper but older too.

Your jawline is more valuable to you than you know it to be – it has been the focal point of many a beauty goal. The V-shaped face that is much sought after is also the result of a crisp, well-cut jawline.


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Oh, Chin Up

If you’re starting to get a little self-conscious of your jawline, it’s a good thing. Early deterrence is better than trying to reverse long-term damage.

Here are a few choice non-invasive measures, to keep that jawline of yours distinct.

V-Sculpt Facial Program – No prizes for guessing what this program does for you, of course.

Featuring 3 types of Botulinum micro-injections that serve 3 different purposes of texturing, shaping, and sculpting, pick from what you feel your jawline needs (or take it from the good doctor), and watch your jawline stare back at you – it doesn’t even take an hour.

Ultherapy – This is one procedure that goes beyond the maintenance of your jawline… think a pain-free facelift, with no needles or scalpels needed. Utilizing breakthrough ultrasound technology, Ultherapy’s reach goes beyond the superficial layer of your skin, offering you a longer-lasting firming, lifting, and tightening experience.

Nefertiti Facelift– The newest kid on the jaw-shaping block is named after an Egyptian Queen famed for her stunning jawline and smooth neck, currently immortalized in a limestone bust that lies in a museum in Berlin. The Nefertiti Facelift adds another feature of interest to the list – the neck. Performed by way of strategic Botulinum micro-injections to the interconnected neck and jaw muscles, this treatment kills two with one, keeping you safe from the dreaded turkey neck, and saggy jowls.

So there you have it – 3 of the best in the preservation of your jawline. Believe me, you’ll be liking your side profile in the mirror wayyyy more than you do now with these pain-free, fuss-free, lunchtime-friendly treatments!


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