It is very easy to forget to take care of yourself because there’s just so much of everything else to take care of these days, as we slowly but surely transition into the ‘new normal’.

Before you incur further damage from the dire lack of self-maintenance, here are 5 problem areas of your face making you look older, and five time-efficient ways to take care of yourself, so you can look like a million bucks while you’re hustling for that million bucks.


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1. Hair


It may not seem like much, but your hair speaks volumes about how much older or younger you’re looking.

A head of hair that lacks the bounce, volume, and shine that it should have can make you look listless and haggard.

Controlling the frequency of shampooing your hair, restricting the amount of heat-based treatments (curling irons, straighteners), and setting aside less than an hour of your time for a revitalizing scalp therapy session are the keys to victory to retaining your youth.

Also recommended: an above-the-shoulder hairstyle can also shave off some years off your age… if your hair is voluminous and shiny too of course.


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2. Forehead

You do not necessarily have to be unhappy about something to be sulking, especially here in Singapore. The unforgiving heat and sunlight force us to crease our foreheads through squinting more often than we like.

The constant creasing eventually becomes the dreaded forehead wrinkles that will make you look excessively older. The scary thing about forehead wrinkles is how easily they can form, regardless of age

If you’ve just realized that you have them, seek help in the form of professionally administered fillers or muscle-relaxing microinjections to iron that issue out. Creasing your forehead is something of a reflex – you just cannot help it sometimes.


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3. Eyes

Where does one even begin when it comes to the unwelcome stuff that just sprouts around our eyes? Dark eye circles, eye bags, fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet… these are just some of the more prominent ones.

These skin nightmares do not just make you look tired and in need of sleep, they can age you pretty badly too.

Eradicate all of these mentioned woes in one fell swoop and just half an hour with the Golden Eye, possibly the only non-invasive eye-lift there is in the market out there. No scalpels, no pain, just 30 minutes in the spa.

I’m sure all of us can afford 30 minutes out of our crazy schedule!


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4. Lips

For everyone that’s wondering ‘if lips could kill” – they do not.

But they can be a killjoy as you get older. One of the least-maintained areas (if it’s not chapped, don’t fix it), lips make bigger of an impact on your appearance than you think.  Lips do not just chap, they lose volume, stain, and thin over time.

These 3 symptoms will eventually give way to fine lines and wrinkles, if not dealt with. Pay a little more mind to your lips with the Lip Fabulosity program, a breakthrough treatment that is basically like an intensive facial, but just for the lips.


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5. Neck

The further we deviate from the general area of the face, the lesser the attention we pay, and none more so than the neck.

The prevailing trend that you should have noticed by now, is how the most often-neglected areas make the biggest impact when it comes to telling the tale of aging.

Our neck gets strained when we speak or eat, amongst many other activities. The muscles in our neck eventually get stretched like a rubber band until it gets loose, leading to loose and sagging skin. And because our jaws are connected to our neck, they get subjected to the same cruel fate as well.

The solution comes in the form of Nefertiti Lift, a procedure specially curated for the well-being of your neck and jaw. This treatment prevents you from turning into a turkey-bulldog hybrid by introducing muscle relaxants into the stressed areas, loosening them up, and tightening the skin around it too.


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