Of all the businesses affected during this pandemic period, there are a lucky few who have risen to the occasion and even thrived. The beauty industry is one prime example.

With everyone pretty much confined to their homes for extended periods of time, the rising number of online shoppers indulging in self-care has seen a significant spike, as beauty companies continue to capitalize and churn out new products and enticing offers.

There’s a definite buzz and increased volume of discussion within many circles about what’s good for the skin and what’s not, and with increased buzz comes many half-truths – and even whole lies.

Let us home in on some of the skincare misconceptions, because we all deserve nothing but the truth when it comes to what’s good for our face!


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“A scalp massage can prevent hair loss.”


There is truth to the fact that massages can improve blood circulation, but there is absolutely no concrete evidence that a scalp massage can be a worthy combatant against hair loss.

Your follicular issues lie deeper than what’s you can see and feel. What the scalp is actually starved for is not a massage, but nutrients deep beyond its surface.

A massage will surely improve the blood circulation of your scalp, but that’s about all it does. If hair loss is a genuine concern of yours (as it should be), pay a visit to your favorite aesthetician for a session of Revitascalp, a fastidious 40-minute procedure that delivers a generous dose of amino acids and minoxidil to stimulate the growth and prevent the loss of your hair.


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“Chocolate and oily food cause oily skin and acne.”

This could just be one of the biggest and oldest misconceptions… ever.

Oily skin and acne are caused by the production of sebum, which tends to clog and enlarge pores if produced in quantity.

To date, there is actually no scientific evidence to substantiate the role of oily food or chocolate (or any kind of food for that matter) in causing acne breakouts and oily skin.

Go on and eat whatever you want, because a clean diet will not help to curb any excess sebum production or breakouts… as a Flawless Complexion Clearing Serum does.


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“Washing our face with hot water opens up the pores for a more thorough cleanse.”

This is another one of the greatest myths masquerading as a truth, and widely practiced by many.

It is true that steam generated by heat causes your pores to enlarge, but putting your skin in direct contact with hot water does nothing but harm it. Hot water can actually damage your skin and strip it of its protective barrier while dehydrating it.

So if you’re using water of a temperature that goes beyond lukewarm, please stop before it becomes counter-productive for you!

If you want to give your pores a thorough cleanse and prevent breakouts or enlarged pores, invest in a product like the Skin Gym Deep Cleansing Gel, or indulge in a therapeutic Deep Deep Clean session at your favorite spa.

Sure beats potentially scalding your face!


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