Everybody yearns to be blessed with good looks that will last a lifetime, but we all know that is not possible at all.

There is no way one can look 30 at 60, without a little bit (try maybe, a lot) of upkeep, and while skincare routines are run-of-the-mill for all the ladies who care about how they look, the mere mention of the word ‘injections’ might just stop them dead in their tracks.

Everybody wants to look good, but they might highly prefer to achieve that without a single modicum of pain, and to the general public, there is pain where there are needles involved.

This preconceived notion of pain, however, might have been greatly exaggerated… especially in recent times.


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Less Pain, More Gain

The aesthetics industry has been quietly evolving to finetune the execution of their myriad of treatments, due to the increasing demand and the decreasing stigma attached to it.

Invasive treatments where a scalpel is traditionally involved have now transitioned safely into even more efficacious non-invasive procedures with astute use of lasers, ultrasound, and radiofrequency energy.

Where injectable treatments are involved, microneedles and improved numbing agents have also entered the market, greatly heightening the comfort level of said procedures; with some barely registering any discomfort or downtime at all.

There is a new, non-invasive wave of treatments that you will barely feel at all, but you’ll see on your face – it’s going to take away that reflexive cringe at the mere mention of that ‘needles’ word.

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Here are three choice results-laden injectables that I’ve singled out, that cost a fraction of the pain and the time.


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Youth Preserve

A new procedure recently introduced into the aesthetics circle, Youth Preserve has been aptly touted as the skin remodeling treatment that remains one of beauty’s best-kept secrets… until now.

This treatment is centered on the youth-enhancing qualities of Hyaluronic Acid via the groundbreaking Profhilo technology.

With Hyaluronic Acid having the capacity to withhold 1000 times its weight of water, delivery of said acid to the skin would breathe new life into damaged and sagging skin, rejuvenating and remodeling the structure of the face, turning that frown upside down.

All the procedure takes is 5 microinjections into 5 strategic locations on the face, and Hyaluronic Acid will do the rest for the face. Always accompanied by a numbing agent, these 5 microinjections clock in only at an hour – with visible lifting results after that.


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If 44-year old Joanne Peh approves of this treatment and looks like that in press photos, this procedure must surely have done right by her, right?

Ultherapy is a treatment that is quickly gathering pace amongst the aesthetic circles, with it essentially being an FDA-approved non-surgical facelift.

A breakthrough procedure that eliminates the need for a scalpel with Ultrasound energy taking its place, Ultherapy works its magic by penetrating deep into the recesses of the skin without harming the outer dermal layers at all, giving the skin a firming, tightening, and lifting effect.

This procedure also boasts its versatility by treating various areas on the face like the cheeks, brow line, and jawline, one sitting of Ultherapy can easily provide alleviation for a host of aging issues that you’re wearing on your face.


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Last but certainly not least, we have an injectable procedure that has stood the test of time, Botox. 

There have been various well-documented incidents of botched Botox procedures that have seen its reputation take quite a beating, but the negative stigma that surrounds Botox has just boiled down to false marketing, and unscrupulous execution by untrained individuals.

Botox is an extremely safe procedure when performed by trained professionals in recognized establishments.

Properly trained aestheticians will perform a thorough consultation of the areas where you might need attention, and perform the procedure with the adequate dosage, and in the right places.

All the ‘frozen’ expressions or grossly engorged lips that you see are all but a myth because Botox can be one of the swiftest and most efficient treatments you need in the war against anti-aging… all you need is to know where to look.


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