Our desktops/laptops: the bane of all of our work troubles, but also our main source of entertainment. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

We spend an exorbitant time on our screens, and your eyes are not the only part of your body that taking the damage from the glare of the screens, your neck, back, and even your spine too.

Sitting upright is often encouraged when you’re working or watching Netflix, as that is deemed the correct posture, but how does one keep stiff and ramrod straight for 8 hours straight?

Slouching inevitably happens, and when you slouch, your neck starts to ache. And when the aching happens, you end up stretching your neck. Again and again, and again.

The more you stretch your neck to relieve all the pent-up tension, the looser the skin gets, akin to the stretching of a rubber band.

This is when you run the risk of suffering from the rather unglamorous condition we know as the TURKEY NECK.


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What is Turkey Neck?


The turkey neck is actually a term that is associated with someone who’s aging. It literally refers to the appearance of their neck resembling that of a turkey: flaccid and loose.

Often overlooked because of how much attention we devote to what’s north of our neck, this oft-neglected area is one of the “aging hot spots”, and can be the most tell-tale sign of old age that you will rue to neglect.

Turkey neck, like all causes of sagging, is the result of the decreasing efficiency of collagen and elastin production of your body. Your neck muscles will start to weaken as your skin loses its elasticity.

Where makeup is still a viable option for any sagging issues with the face, there is no amount of makeup that can actually conceal the saggy skin around your neck.

This is why it’s high time you paid some, or maybe a lot of attention to your neck.


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Tur-Key to Victory


There are some simple exercises like the Forehead Push or Neck Lift that can help you to strengthen the neck muscles and firm up the skin around your neck.

What these neck exercises will do for you is postpone the aging of your neck area if done on its own. You will need to combine these exercises with more practical and topical solutions.

Other than the lack of collagen and elastin, your neck also has significantly lesser oil glands than your face, and might be drying and more susceptible to wrinkling and sagging.

Introduce a little retinol to your neck area to induce the production of collagen and elastin, and hydrate your skin at the same time with the Gold Oil Retinol.

Made of natural organic ingredients like coconut oil, rosehip and jojoba oil, application of this oil to your neck will plump up and brighten the skin, tighten it, and reverse the effects of sagging.

For more advanced cases of skin sagging, the use of exercises and topical treatments might prove to be a little less efficient in getting desired results. This is when the “big guns” need to be called upon.

A recent introduction to the neck-firming roster is known as the Nefertiti Facelift, rightfully named after the iconic Egyptian queen known for her flawless and age-defying skin.

A non-invasive procedure performed via strategically administered muscle-relaxing injections in specific areas of the jowls and neck, you can almost feel your skin levitate upon these virtually painless injections, as your neck firms and tightens.

Expect to observe an improvement in skin density, texture, and firmness upon the completion of the procedure.

It’s important to have a sturdy regimen to sustain your youth and beat the age – just remember not to neglect the neck!


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