It’s actually a tad tougher to look good as a woman, because they have many areas to look into, to ensure they look pleasant. The tummy must be well tucked in, the chest must be well jutted out, the posterior has to be as perky, if not more than their personality.

Men tend to have it slightly easier, because it’s simply the clothes and the hair that maketh a man. But life is fair, in a sense that while some men can be dressed to the nines, they might be completely unaware about how thin they’re wearing their scalp.

It is well documented that men suffer from hair loss at a higher rate than the ladies, and that takes away a great chunk of their appeal. Is there a way to prevent it though?



Iron Will


Many factors can lead to hair loss, but one common but lesser-known cause is the lack of iron in your diet.

Iron deficiency sends your body into survival mode, forcing your body to channel oxygen to support the more vital functions in your body, as opposed to keeping your hair intact.

One way to halt or slow down the hair thinning process is to load your meals with iron. Food like lean red meat, eggs, green vegetables, and even orange juice is ideal for keeping your body’s iron levels healthy. Iron supplements are also a good alternative to ramp up your iron levels.


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Team Protein

A strand of hair is made up of protein fibers, which already explains why the lack of protein equates to the lack of hair.

The lack of protein will cause your body to act accordingly, by rationing the quantity available, once again cutting off supply to your hair follicles. This causes them to fall off, and whatever remains on your scalp becomes dry and brittle.

It is one thing to be conscious of what you eat, but “healthy” food like wholemeal bread or pasta do not contain the protein you need. It is important to throw a little bit of lean protein like tuna, chicken, or low-fat cheese into the mix to keep protein levels at a healthy level.


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Calculate Your Risks

Supplements and dietary changes aside, there is not much else we can do on our end to halt or slow down the dreaded process of hair loss.

This is the reason why hair care is a billion-dollar industry globally. Amongst the scores of treatments out there in the market that promise “instant results”, it is necessary to sieve through the chaos and do your due diligence before committing to any form of treatment.

Always read about the side effects of the various treatments, and perform your risk assessment.


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Clinical and Proven

The Sloane Clinic™ Introduces Two Latest Hair Restoration Procedures to Restore Hair Loss

One of the largest aesthetics establishments in Singapore, SW1 Clinic has a dedicated platform for everyone and anyone suffering from hair issues aptly named The Hair Clinic.

The Hair Clinic boasts 3 scientifically proven and risk-free treatments to deal with ailing scalps, and a top-drawer laser hair removal procedure, for dealing with hair in unwanted places.

Revage 670 Laser – An FDA-approved form of low-level laser therapy, using laser diodes to

stimulate blood flow and growth to the hair follicles beneath the scalp in a painless manner. A zero-downtime, 30-minute procedure for all genders and ages.

Revitascalp – Concentrated blast of clinically proven nutrients for boosting the health of your scalp. The contents of this “hair-cial” help to hinder the production of the loss-inducing DHT, allowing you to keep your flowing tresses even when time and the environment come knocking.

Kera-Clone – A procedure meant for all who are suffering from a more advanced stage of hair loss, Kera-Clone deploys the latest follicle-implantation technology to introduce hair-producing Dermal Papilla onto bald spots on the scalp, inducing the growth of hair. One treatment only takes 30 minutes, with little or no scarring at all.


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