There was a time when everyone went gaga for beauty products that had the two buzz words: ‘Anti-aging’.

Granted, some of these products do work to a certain extent, but its sustainability should come into question, if it’s not already.

For all of the products that boast to be against aging, it is pertinent to question where it starts to work for your skin.

Most of these products work for you on a surficial level, introducing collagen into the pores of your skin to give it a youthful disposition.

The real reason why we age, however, transcends the surface of our skin. Aging is something that happens on a deeper level, way beyond the surface of the skin… right down to your DNA.

Here are some of the products and treatments that understand how aging (and anti-aging) works, and gets right down to the crux of the problem.


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Gene Therapy

As its name suggests, this is one product that works its magic from beyond the recesses of the skin… right down to your DNA.

Each of our DNA strands is all made up of genes, and these genes get damaged with time, which is when aging of the skin occurs. Collagen production starts to stutter, and your skin starts to lose its laxity… you know the drill.

What Gene Therapy does is introduce special enzymes borne from Nobel Prize-winning research to repair damaged DNA strands and purge the ones beyond repair, so that new strands can emerge.

This is how the signs of aging start to greatly diminish: it’s all about the DNA.


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DMAE is a compound that does more than produces collagen. It is a compound that positively affects mood, enhances memory, and even improves brain function.

Oh, did I forget to mention that it also improves aging skin as well?

This multi-functional compound has now been packaged into a handy tub, in gel-form, delivering a concentrated dose of age-reversing goodness that lifts the look of skin over time.

Combined with the exfoliating goodness of 24k Gold Flakes, consider your skin lifted, your complexion illuminated, AND your mood lifted!


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Youth Preserve

There will not be any prizes for guessing what this treatment does for all of the age-ridden folk out there.

Youth Preserve is one of the latest, if not greatest treatments to be introduced to the world of aesthetics in recent times, because of the manner in which it sustains youth, which is anything but orthodox.

The main ingredient in play is Hyaluronic Acid, one of the main instigators of collagen production. Because of a unique quality in Hyaluronic Acid where it has the capacity to withhold 1000 times the weight of water, moisture is a lock-in with the presence of HA.

Along with a non-traditional dermal filler like Profhilo, these two components work in tandem to stimulate the restructuring and rebuilding processes of your skin, resulting in younger skin – that actually lasts.


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Moving with the Times

These are unprecedented times; not in a bad way like the pandemic, but more like a silver lining in bleak moments like these.

Our youth is ever fleeting and getting away from us, and the only way to get around that is to adapt and evolve, much like the industry we know as beauty.

Don’t let age be the other pandemic you cannot recover from.


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