I used to love going on shopping trips with my mum growing up, but there was one particular activity I did not particularly like the most: waiting for her to be done with her facial.

She’d tell me to wait at the bookstore or the toys section of the mall while she went for her facial, but she’d take such a long time to be done, I was pretty sure I read every book in the shop.

That was a time where self-care meant you needed to set aside a substantial amount of time because it wasn’t that time-efficient. Most automated procedures these days still required manpower back in the day.

A 3-hour facial two decades ago now only requires 30 minutes or less.

The golden age of ‘tweakments’ is upon us. Time to age golden!


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Time is Money

Because of how hectic life can get these days, one cannot simply afford the luxury of the 3-hour facials or yesteryear.

This weekly feature will shed light on some of the most time and result-efficient beauty quick-fixes available – some of which you can even go for during your lunch break.

The first feature alleviates a problem that might be slowly creeping up on us, but many still do not realize they have – skin laxity.


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No Rest for the Weary

Some of the best things in life do come for free, and sleep is one of these things that most of us unfortunately cannot get enough of.

As we find ourselves more preoccupied with our work, social life, and various social media-related distractions, the time allocated for some much-needed shut-eye also dwindles.

When we sleep, the body enters repair and recharge mode, and having less of it means there might be inadequate time to fix any form of wear and tear… and allowing it to just snowball.

The lack of sleep brings about a slew of repercussions that can affect your appearance, slowly but surely.

On top of mental and physical fatigue, some by-products of sleep deprivation are dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, crow’s feet, and accelerated sagging of the skin.


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Introducing… Thermage

Before you press that panic button and start getting self-conscious, all is not lost.

This tweakment called Thermage can tackle and eliminate all of the eye bags, eye circles, and sagging in one fell swoop.

Branded as a non-invasive and FDA-approved premium skin rejuvenating procedure, Thermage calls upon the prowess of radiofrequency energy to penetrate deep into the recesses from your skin whence aging all begins, stimulating the body’s renewal rate of collagen.

With collagen production going on at a healthy rate, you will start to notice changes in your skin – and I mean it in a good way. There will be a noticeable absence of the fine lines around your eyes if you had any, and an overall feeling of tautness of your skin, topped off with a glow that might have been alien to you before Thermage came along.

Here’s the clincher: there are actually no pre-requisites when it comes to undergoing this non-invasive procedure.

Patients as young as 23 years of age have all jumped on this bandwagon. You do not need to wait until the inevitable drop in your complexion standards, because prevention is way better than cure, after all.

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