A little over 5 years ago, Gwyneth Paltrow (fondly known as Miss Pepper Potts, Iron Man’s significant other) caused quite the ripple in the beauty and wellness circles, when she openly endorsed what she felt was ‘the non-invasive answer to the facelift’ – thread lifts.

Aestheticians were then still pretty skeptical of this relatively new procedure and concerned about its side effects, but when a Hollywood A-lister and successful lifestyle mogul like Gwyneth speaks, almost everyone listens.

More than 5 years on, thread lifts have more than evolved in terms of methodology and popularity; they are actually fast becoming a staple amongst the beauty savvy.


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Thread Lifts – The (R)evolution


When the thread lift was first introduced as a non-invasive aesthetic procedure in the late 1990s’, it was met with skepticism from medical aesthetic practitioners and patients alike, simply because of a high percentage of post-procedural complications.

For the minority of doctors and researchers that actually saw the raw potential and appeal of thread lifts, the wheels of fine-tuning and improving this sleeper hit were swiftly set in motion.

A couple of decades down the road, thread lifts are not only utilized the tightening, firming, and lifting for the face – different thread variations also mean they can be used for your arms, thighs, and even the buttocks.


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How it Works

Think of our skin as a building. In order to maintain the structure of our building, scaffolding is a quintessential component to prevent any form of crumble or collapse.

Thread lifts are the said scaffolding that helps to prop our skin up, in this instance.

100% bio-absorbable threads are strategically injected after the application of numbing agents into the deep recesses of the skin, creating a structure that gives the area of treatment a significant lift.


The eventual disintegration of these threads over time also sees the influx of skin-rejuvenating collagen, because these threads stimulate collagen growth, the more it dissolves under our skin.


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Who and Where It’s For

 As mentioned earlier, thread lifts were not very well-received during their formative years, because of safety concerns and the lack of successful testimonials.

Fast forward to the present day, where the advent of aesthetic technology has helped propel this procedure into sought-after category.

The demand for thread lifts hinges on their versatility and also their compatibility with patients of all ages and walks of life.

There is no right age (other than 21 years and above, of course) to undergo a thread lift procedure. The lines of vanity and necessity are not explicit and in a good way.

If you are 25 years of age and exhibiting no signs of sagging skin, you can go for a thread lift session, just because you want a more defined nose bridge.

Someone pushing the big 5-0 may also take notice of his or her sagging jowls or cheeks one day, and pop by an established aesthetic clinic, where a seasoned practitioner of the “new age” facelift can proceed to shave a decade off their age almost instantaneously.

Oh, did I forget to mention that there is zero downtime upon completion of the session?

With the whole procedure clocking in at a very efficient 30 minutes, you can walk into an aesthetic clinic during your lunch hour, and step out in your new skin – with time to spare, no less!


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