The use of makeup in our daily lives for the sake of public appearances makes us more presentable for one, but most of us do it to conceal some of the facial flaws that make us a little too self-conscious.

While putting on your face’ works for the better part of the day, the cover it provides depreciates with each passing hour, and that is when everything starts to show.

Of the acne spots and scars that might start to surface after a long day, pigmentation is one of those things that do not just show up – it pretty much announces its appearance with the proverbial loud hailer.


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The What and the How

Melanin is the pigment produced in our skin that gives us our color. But like many things, too much of something usually doesn’t bode well.

An excess of melanin in the body will cause pigmentation, and reasons for this surplus can be due to sun damage, skin inflammation, and acne-related issues. They manifest in the form of dark spots, freckles, or angry red marks that blotch your face – the worst kind of pigmentation if you ask me.

Pigmentation of the acne or inflammatory nature shows up the most prominently on your skin. The fairer you are, the more vulgar its presence.

Before it gets to a point even the use of makeup can’t salvage, here are some choice solutions for all types of pigmentation, as recommended by professionals.


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The Cure(s)

The discoloration and the uneven skin tone can make you look pretty haggard in pictures; filters might not even be able to help you with that.

A product like White Plasma is designed specifically for this purpose and even comes with bonus skin-perfecting features.

The ingredient is known as Tranexamic Acid that makes up this product not only color-corrects your skin and balances out its tone in the long run, it even adds radiance to your skin that pigmentation has always prevented you from experiencing.

If uneven skin is also one of your woes, opt for Special Effects, another product that boasts the same color-correcting and brightening prowess as White Plasma and smoothens out rough, uneven skin by way of cellular repair.

For severe cases that require expedited professional interference, the Pico Pigment is touted as one of the most formidable laser treatments in the market, specializing in getting rid of pigmentation.

With 3 different laser wavelengths for customization of varying levels of pigmentation, this procedure has been clinically tested many times, with each test coming to the same conclusion – it’s pretty much the most comfortable, non-invasive way to remove pigmentation.

If you’re also looking for a little bit of firming, toning, or pore minimizing apart from getting rid of your pigmentation, look no further than the Forever Young BBL treatment.

A distant and more multi-functional cousin of the famed hair-removing IPL treatment, this procedure also employs the use of different wavelengths of light energy to work its magic, with its added skin tightening feature giving you the chance to look well, forever young.


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