Laser treatments are widely practiced in the world of beauty and wellness and can provide a host of benefits, like fat-busting, hair removal, and clearing acne.

IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments rule the roost, with a good number of women opting to let the laser do the job of removing unwanted hair, amongst other laser treatments that serve different purposes.

We cannot discount the fact that lasers are ultimately very strong, focused beams of light, and some of these treatments can leave behind some unwanted mementos.

There have been a host of horror stories involving the downtime of laser treatments when lasers were first introduced into the beauty fray.

Severe swelling, excessive bleeding, and scarring have been unfortunate by-products of earlier laser treatments.


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The Bright Side

Not disregarding all the pros of lasers that outweigh the cons, scientists and doctors in the industry have since worked to fine-tune laser technology, striving to create a consumer experience that is lower on the risk and pain factor.

And fine-tune, they did.

Laser treatments these days are significantly safer, less painful, and boast shorter recovery periods, as a result of the tuning and tweaking. The machinery designed these days is more advanced, the intensity of the lasers well-controlled, and practitioners of the procedures more educated and adept.

Some of the latest offerings in laser technology that are worth a mention boast low downtime, and high return of investment.


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Smooth Operator

The Pico Smooth is an astute example of barrier-breaking laser treatment that transcends all the run-of-the-mill, single-purpose offerings out there.

Brutally efficient in the treatment of stubborn acne scars and wrinkles, this new and much-improved procedure not only takes care of the imperfections on the surface, but it also works deep within the recesses of your skin to ensure longevity of your complexion.

The Pico Smooth utilizes a milder but more efficient fractionated laser, making the whole process virtually painless.

The photoacoustic beams of the procedure also trigger a heightened production of collagen and elastin in the body, firming, healing, and nourishing your skin at the same time.


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Have Some Glass

The versatility of Pico Smooth has opened up the possibility of combining the procedure with other skincare treatments, to further elevate complexion quality to unprecedented heights.

“Package deals” like the Glass Skin Program combine the prowess of the Pico Smooth, with other laser treatments like the popular LED Red and infusion of skin vitamins to improve not only the texture of the skin but also to bring about that exuberant and revered glow that will make the use of makeup optional for you – because your skin just looks as good (if not better) without it.


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