Let us all just call a spade a spade. We HATE growing old.

We all dread growing up, but we fear growing old. While growing up comes with a new set of responsibilities, growing old comes with a new set of…liabilities.

Liabilities like wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, turkey neck, pigmentation, blemishes, eye bags, crow’s feet… you get the drift.

What happens when all your skincare products cannot keep up with the merciless onslaught of time? What if these products actually make your skin condition worse?

Sifting through all the false advertising for age-defying alternatives that actually bear results take a painstaking kind of dedication, because your skin, like your age, is very sensitive.

That said, it is not impossible to not look your age – if you know how to defend yourself,


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Sunny-Side Up

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The sun can be a very unforgiving age accelerant. The UV rays the big guy emanates penetrates the skin and lays waste to all the cells your skin needs for hydration and rejuvenation.

Always invest in a good sunscreen product that will form an aura of invincibility around you against the sun. The Umbrella UV Protection and Light Diffusing Cream does just that.

A luxurious dose of SPF 70 sun protection in a water-resistant matte base, this product is 100% chemical and fragrance-free and lasts up to 4 hours in water. Also doubles up as a makeup primer base for your skin.


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The Youth Savant


This treatment should be a breath of fresh air to most and a proud testament to the giant strides made in aesthetic technology.

While most treatments are targeted at treating the symptoms of aging, the Youth Savant dives beyond the depth of the skin;  it goes right for the jugular and deals with the root cause of aging: our DNA.  

Making use of its core ingredient known in condensed terms as PDRN, this ingredient engages key receptors in the body that trigger skin salvation pathways for your skin, activating its healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Aside from its regenerative abilities, PDRN also protects skin cells from UV-induced damage. UV exposure from the sun is one of the most certain ways to expedite the aging process. The presence of PDRN greatly enhances the speed of skin repair after sun exposure.

Method of application? A series of micro-injections that you will feel extremely little of…because of the copious amounts of numbing cream that will be applied on you.


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Dream Sculpture


Good skin is almost all about the c-word. Collagen is a key structural component that keeps your skin silky smooth and supple. The lack of collagen could be detrimental to your skin. Think fine lines, saggy cheeks, wrinkles, the whole nine yards.

A procedure like Dream Sculpture uses the uber-effective Sculptra filler to boost the collagen content and production efficiency. A healthy level of collagen keeps your skin lifted, supple, and glowing with health.

A word of caution though – some of you might be allergic to the contents of Sculptra. It is strongly suggested to make an appointment with a doctor who can adequately advise you on whether you can undergo this procedure.


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Vitamin Therapy


Now if you’re averse to the idea of needles all up in your business, you have a shot at everlasting youth as well, fret not.

Looking great can be a therapeutic and effortless experience. With Vitamin Therapy, you can rest and relax in the comfort of a spa table, while specially formulated vitamins for the skin are applied to you.

The session is followed up by deep infusion and a skin-enhancing mask, containing natural antioxidants that fight damage, heal cellular discrepancies, and stimulate collagen growth.

Who knew a quick nap on a spa table could give you a new and improved visage?


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