You ever had one of those weeks that *never* seem to end? The kind where it feels like there are 5 Mondays, a couple more of those days that don’t really matter (Tuesday and Thursday), and the longest hump day ever?

There are bound to be days like these, even for the best of us. While your will to live takes a torrid beating, your skin is suffering as well. All the stress and fatigue from life’s trials and tribulations can affect the condition of your skin.

Well if it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year so far and it’s showing, don’t worry… May is here. Essentially the ‘cheat month’ of the year, this month is going to make everything better – if you know how to spend it, that is!


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Need a Lift?

The condition of your skin can go bad in a variety of ways, via a variety of factors. All the damage accumulated over time will render enough damage to warrant a surgical facelift if you want any shot at salvation – usually.

Because not everyone will completely embrace the thought of going under the knife, advancements in aesthetic technology have offered a slew of alternatives that equate, if not surpass the desired effect a facelift gives.

SW1’s stable of “Revita” treatments are your non-surgical answer to various areas of your face you are unhappy with.

Starting from your guaranteeing you have a full, voluminous head of hair with Revitascalp and moving down to ensuring your eye bags and dark eye circles do not see the light of day with Revitalift Eye, 

the original Revitalift treatment ensures the rest of your face is plump and firm with microinjections of hyaluronic acid to the problem areas on the face.


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Spa Away the Pain

When the wait for the weekend finally ends, a little bit of pampering would do you a lot of good. Head to the spa for a Glamour Peel before your scheduled bout of Saturday Night Fever.

Known as the ‘6-in-1 Weekend Peel’ to the ones who know what’s good for them, this is an all-star lineup of facial peels you need to address all 6 key skin concerns like skin sagging, line smoothening, and pore reduction, just to name a few.

Another painless spa treatment you can enjoy in absolute comfort is the 24k Uplift, the award-winning machine-based lifting facial that combines clinical ultrasound with cold lasers, for those suffering from a bit of lethargy and facial sag.

The sculpting and lifting this treatment offers is topped off with aqua-dermabrasion and a dose of skin vitamins, for that bit of refinement you need for revitalized and fresh baby skin.

When I say take a breather, I actually literally mean it. Give your skin some air with the O2 Blush treatment.

A hit amongst the perpetually flawless Victoria’s Secret Angel who swears by this as a pre-runway routine, this high concentration of oxygen is divided into 3 forms of oxygenated therapies serving 3 different skin revitalizing purposes.

A breather for yourself, a breath of fresh air for your new, fresh skin.


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