Makeup brings out the confidence in people!

However, with the pandemic occurring, we may feel disheartened to dress up or even groom ourselves well. Just because we are wearing a mask doesn’t mean we can’t be seen in our best. 

Here are some tips to look glam, even with your mask on!

For the lips

Stay neutral with the tones to give a natural look and finish off with some lip gloss. Nude colors are less likely to smear under the mask. For a fuller look for your lips, you could overdraw your natural lip line but remember not to overdo it. Experiment and find the best combination that suits you. 

In terms of the formulation, try lightweight lipsticks that are matte liquid and smudge-proof to avoid it from smudging onto your mask. If you are using a creamy formula, make sure to apply a little bit of translucent powder to set your lipstick. This will give an immediate matter finish that is smudge-proof.

Most importantly, apply  some lip care products to keep the lips hydrated and moisturised.

For the eyes

Since the mask covers up to the nose, the eyes would be the most apparent feature.

There are a few looks to try out, depending on your preference: 

  1. For a bold look: Apply a little shimmer on the eyes and some waterproof long-lasting mascara for that dramatic effect.
  2. Smoky eye look: Dab the outer corners of your eyes and be careful not to apply it all over the whole lid area. 
  3. Soft look: Applying just the right amount of mascara with some light eyeshadow will do the trick!

Don’t be afraid to try out different colour schemes, shadows and angles. 

For the face: 

Remember to set your makeup by dampening your makeup sponge with a setting spray before applying the base to keep it in place for hours. Allow the mist to completely dry before wearing  your mask.

Lastly, always carry with you a small tube of longwear concealer for more coverage to minimise blemishes on the lower half of your lower face that is covered by the mask. 

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