In recent years, beauty has been taken more in consideration for men as they desire to look young and more refreshed while still being able to maintain their natural looks. As they age, common signs such as fine lines caused by UV exposure, deep forehead creases and drooping in the mid-face become more apparent. 

While there are various options to improve one’s appearance, fillers have been trending as it is able to enhance the existing features.

Here are three reasons why fillers are a popular choice for men:

1) Subtly enhancing features while keeping it natural 

Fillers are able to smooth out lines and wrinkles, improve definition and contours and add volume in the areas which are needed. Younger men tend to get soft tissue fillers as a preventative measure from an aged appearance. 

With an experienced doctor, rest assured that he will customise a filler treatment that will balance and complement your facial proportions based on the assessment of your natural features. Also, if the filler procedure is done well, no one would be able to tell the difference while looking more refreshed and rejuvenated. 

2) Fuss-free, experience slight to no pain and no recovery time required 

The approximate time taken for this procedure ranges from 30 to 60 minutes, which is dependent on the numbers of areas that are being treated. Once the fillers are set, you will be able to head off immediately as there is no downtime. Any bruising or redness will usually subside within a few hours. 

In terms of experiencing pain, the needles used for fillers are very fine and thin, which explains the reason why there is little to no pain. Instead, there is a stinging sensation that lasts for a few seconds. If you still think pain is a concern, you can always ask for numbing cream to be applied before beginning the treatment. Numbing the surrounding area makes the treatment much more comfortable for you.

No wonder it is considered to be a fast and easy procedure!

3) Reverse back to your initial looks before the procedure

Worried that you may be unsatisfied with how your fillers look? 

The best part about fillers is that they can be dissolved with the use of Hyalase, an enzyme that breaks up hyaluronic acid, a substance used in fillers. Once it is broken down, it will be naturally expelled from the body.

Find out more on the filler treatments done for men today!

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