No more excuses!

It is time to hold yourself accountable for your own body. Exercising keeps us physically fit while releasing endorphins that perk up our mood and reduce stress. Especially in this pandemic, it is important to keep ourselves moving rather than being cooped up at home. 

While the idea of exercising seems daunting, keep two things in mind. First, set on the specific areas you wish to target, such as losing weight in the tummy or legs. And second, your motivation in starting a workout, whether it is to keep yourself active while working from home or getting that summer body for a confidence boost. 

Here are some basic and easy workouts to kickstart your exercise:

For core strength: 

  • Sit-ups: For starters, aim for 20 reps and slowly work your way up. To obtain the maximum effect, do not tuck your feet under a chair or table.
  • Planks: This exercise is considered to be the most effective in toning the overall body! Rest on your elbows and toes while keeping your back and legs straight and hold for one minute. 


For the upper body:

  • Push-ups: Straighten your arms and legs and lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor. Pause and then push yourself back up. Repeat for 20 times

For the lower body:

  • Squats: Straighten your back and face your feet slightly out. Lower yourself to knee height and begin descending and ascending. Do 10 reps of this in sets of 2.     
  • High knees: Lifting each knee as high as you can, jog on the spot for 1 minute.

If you still feel exercise is not enough to obtain your desired results, consider Magnetic Muscle Sculpting! Using Functional Magnetic Stimulation(FMS), it directly activates motor neurons to improve muscle tone and definition while increasing cell metabolism. With regular use, you will be able to see an improvement in the treated areas, such as abs, thighs and buttocks.

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