Skincare is self-care!

As you age, the production of cells slows down, causing the skin to look duller and less radiant. With a skincare routine, the products will help to remove dead skin cells, allowing your skin to replace newer and more youthful cells. It is important to find products that cater to your skin needs to keep a consistent skincare routine. 

Here are five essential products for your skincare routine: 

Step #1: Cleanser 

Wash your face every morning and night to remove impurities like dirt, oil and pollution particles that can clog the pores and cause dullness. A gentle, pH-balanced cleanser would be suitable for any skin type.  

Recommended product:

SKIN LAUNDRY I 24K Gold Cleanser (SW1 Shop)
Catered to all skin types, this light and multi-purpose facial cleanser is able to balance the pH level. With its formulated 24k gold and champagne grape leaves extract, it replenishes the skin with vital essential oils and antioxidants.

Step #2: Face Exfoliators 

By exfoliating, it helps to remove the skin’s outer layer of dead cells, allowing more absorption of your skincare products and brightens your complexion. 

There are two types of exfoliators, (a) physical exfoliators, like a face scrub, that remove the surface level of the dead skin cells and (b) chemical exfoliators, such as a face peel, that dissolve dead skin cells with natural acids like alpha hydroxy acid (AHAs) or beta hydroxy acid (BHAs).

Recommended product:

SLEEP MODE Skin Renewing & Smoothening Gel (SW1 Shop)
This oil-free aloe vera gel contains glycolic acid that helps to fight bacteria and increases in exfoliation of dead skin cells while providing moisture. 

Step #3: Toner

Using a toner helps to balance your skin’s pH level while replenishing moisture and hydration to your skin. This is crucial in controlling sebum production. It would be recommended for any skin type to use a gentle, hydrating toner that contains no alcohol.

Recommended product:

ALOE CUCUMBER Rebalancing Facial Toner (SW1 Shop)
With its pH-balancing properties, this refreshing toner is gentle to the skin while being amped with anti-aging antioxidants.

Step #4: Moisturiser

When your skin is not moisturised, it will produce more natural oils. By moisturising, it creates a barrier that keeps in the nutrients, moisture and hydration from your previous skincare, which protects your skin from premature ageing.

Recommended product: 


AGE DEFY Rejuvenating & Anti-Aging Lotion (SW1 Shop)
Packed with hyaluronic acid and vital collagen and with retinol as its main anti-aging ingredient, this long-lasting hydrating cream helps to plump the skin and provide immediate toning, lifting and firming benefits. 

Step #5: Sunscreen

Sunscreen is extremely important to prevent harmful UV rays from entering our skin. 

It would be best to use a clean, mineral-based SPF that contains active ingredients such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide and SPF 30 or higher. 

Recommended product: 


UMBRELLA UV-Protection & Light-Diffusing Cream (SW1 Shop)
Containing a mega-dose of SPF 70, this water-resistant matte base sunscreen is 100% chemical-free, making it suitable for sensitive skin!

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