Typically, we lose some hair every day. What comes to a cause of concern is when your hair starts to thin or shed faster than usual. This is known as balding, which refers to the excessive amount of hair loss from the scalp. Though, you are not alone as everyone experience this loss as we age. 

Why does balding occur more commonly for men? 

The primary cause of balding for men would be male pattern baldness, which associates with the specific male sex hormones called androgens. As the hormone levels change over the lifetime, this hormone that functions in regulating hair growth, decreases. With the growth cycle being weakened, the hair follicle shrinks. This results in shorter and finer strands of hair, eventually leading up to no new hair being able to grow in place.

Signs of balding

The following would be the symptoms of balding:
– The hair loss beginning at the temples or the crown of your head
– Single bald spot
– Hairlines that recede either for most of the hair to be gone or to form an “M” shape  

Introducing Revage 670

Hair growth is reliant on two factors, (a) adequate bloody supply and (b) healthy follicles. The laser technology in Revage 670 enhances the blood flow to stimulate the dormant hair follicles to be active in the growth phrase, reducing excessive hair shedding. This will, in turn, encourage cellular and tissue regeneration, resulting in thicker and more supple hair shafts to be formed.

This treatment has been clinically proven with up to 40% increase in hair density and thickness and an overstanding 85% success rate in halting the progression of hair loss.

Revage 670 is highly recommended to the following:
– For men who are at the early stages of balding, this treatment will be able to make the hair fuller and prevent worse balding.
– Patients who are not suitable to take drug medications or undergo hair transplant surgery as this FDA treatment is non-invasive. Plus, it is absolutely painless and requires no downtime.

For the best results, you would need to be regular with this treatment. Each session would take 30 minutes. At the initial stages, it would be a course of 6 weeks, attending two sessions per week. After which, from the 7th to 22nd, attend only one session a week. For the subsequent visits, your doctor would advise you to come in periodically for maintenance. Paired up your treatment with SW1 Hair recovery and strengthening rejuvenating serum that aims to preserve hair follicles and spur new and better growth.  

Restore your crowning glory

Experiencing hair loss can be stressful but there are solutions out there to help you. Taking the first step to access your scalp is critical as it can prevent further hair loss. Find out more on Revage 670 with SW1 Clinic today!

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